Tuesday 29 January 2013

Reinforcements incoming


Last evening I was able to lay the last hand on my extra troops.
I painted up some much needed support like a medic, an engineer and 3 troops carrying rocket launchers.

Let's hope they will make a difference. My proxied rocket troops had some successes in the past and a medic sure comes in handy in Tomorrow's war.

That's it for now. On to work and the painting of some more troops.
Thanks for reading!

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Sunday 27 January 2013

New inventions

Hello everybody,

I just painted up another vehicle. I know that I should have painted up more troops like I said. But the temptation was too great.

Here's a leap in the technological level of my resistance force.
I wanted some kind of stealth or protective measure to deliver my infiltrators.
As the few battles we had showed me how vulnerable my vehicles are. Most of the time they suffered extreme damage from the first shot, rendering them useless.
While a forcefield was to advanced, I started thinking more about a stealth module.
Reasoning that light is energy, it is probably easier to deflect than to bend it. So it is not thermo-optic camouflage. But more like a zone of darkness, suitable for night operations.
the downside is that it doesn't have any weapons anymore because of the large emitter on top.
 Now you can see it.
And now you don't.
The dome is from a GW vortex grenade by the way. But it looks just the way it should be.

Greetings and thanks for reading.

Kryptovidicus out!

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Present Time

Again it's been a while since my last post. So happy New Year everyone! Best wishes!

I said before that sometimes I'm not going to write about 15mm at all. Today is such a day.
When a large package arrived by UPS last monday, it felt like it was by birthday.
Not really a present, but it was part of my Sedition Wars Kickstarter pledge that arrived.

I must say I'm very pleased with the level of quality.
Here's the unpacking.

 The box itself with the extra floorplan set next to it.
 The decks themselves. They contain a lot of detail. But I must admit I still like the second edition Space Hulk corridors en rooms better. It's probably just the style, more menacing.
 A quick look in the rulebook. Nice colorful pages and plenty of painted (and even converted) miniatures. Here you can see the contents page.
The interior of the box is actually very nice as well. Here you can see what I mean about quality.
As expected are the miniatures very detailed and very easy to assemble as well.

These are some extra dice I ordered and the bonus miniatures from the biohazard pledge.

Among them are some glow in the dark miniatures I pledged extra for. Perhaps I'll assemble these first so I can start playing while I'm still painting my 15mm army.

That's it for now, thanks for reading

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