Sunday 7 July 2013

Who needs another hero?

Here's my second miniature for Ruination, the 54mm game.

This is Dahlia the sorceress. She changed a lot while I painted her. Given the fact that she is so wispy, wears an evening dress (with skulls and the whole lot) and that her opponent in the battlebox is wielding a massive crossbow, I started painting her up as a vampire with a black dress.
But for some unknown reason, I wasn't satisfied with the colour scheme and she started reminding me of the 'Conan' RPG that I once played.
In the game there are these magic users who serve demons in order to gain power fast.
Dahlia's imp, and the fact that he is holding a scroll (a contract written in blood no doubt) probably changed my view about her. Given the fact that there are a lot of animal skulls on her, I started imagining her as a sorceress from the black kingdoms.

I tried something different with her shoes and gloves and made an attempt to paint snakeskin.
It didn't turn out as I wanted, but it looks good from a distance :).
Her dress is something I'm still not sure about, perhaps I should have tried leopard spots, ...
The fact that the photo is a bit fussy comes from the fact that I tried to varnish her while painting. Something that I will not try again.

I hope you like her.

Thanks for looking!

Friday 28 June 2013


Here's a quick update for the Ruination game I mentioned in my previous post.
They are having an easy competion where you can earn some of their mini's. For everone who likes to paint some 54mm miniatures, or just wants some free mini's, go take a look.



Thursday 27 June 2013

Something big

Again, there was a long time of inactivity.
Mostly because I was busy with other things like Shadows of Esteren.
But in the end, I Always return to my painting table. If only as a way to relieve stress.

This time I painted up something different. While 15mm can be very fun to paint as it goes fast. It can also be a bit boring after some time, hence my inactivity.
So I did choose a miniature of the other end of the wargaming scale to get back into shape (and I must admit I'm a bit rusty when it comes to painting techniques). The miniature would be like a Goddess to my 15mm people, as it towers over their largest tank with her 54mm.

Recently I discovered Terragnosis (, a small starting company with some nice 54mm miniatures at a decent price. They have a game called Ruination, where heros are pitted against each other and can gather recourses on the battlefield to gain the edge. Reading the rules it seems like a fun game. You can also use a wide range of dice in the game, even the more exotic ones like the d14, d16, d24, ...

This miniature is called Alina. To be honest, at first I wasn't so sure about the miniature. Her pose is strange, as if she is posing to be painted or something like that. And the piece of cloth that covers her butt isn't part of the bodice and seems to be only there to, well to cover her butt.
At first I didn't notice, but when I started painted her I found out there was a miscast, a part of her loincloth wasn't there. I did a quick fix with some green putty, but as she was already painted in the area you can still spot is easily.

 I have to admit, the 'berserker black' studio colour scheme isn't really something I would choose, as I imagine her more as a ranger or something like that.


She took me almost as long as three units of 15mm soldiers, and she is far from perfect. But I'm done now as she is. Perhaps I do her again later, as I had some conversion ideas (thinking about one of my Skyrim characters) before I started painting.

That's all folks, thanks for reading!



Sunday 12 May 2013


Hello everyone,

It's been a while. Mostly because I've been suffering from a terrible backache.
But now that the pain has subsided and I'm able to sit at a chair once again, it is time to start painting as well.

I've finished part of my AE bounty pirate gang. All miniatures are from Critical Mass.
First up is my leader. As I wanted him to be a bit arrogant and brutal looking I went for a duelist.

 These are some basic troops, armoured and armed.

 And then is this little guy, ... I painted him a few weeks ago. He is another character for Tutatis. What I like about them is that, despite that he is only 10mm tall, they have such a large head. So you can still paint some detail on them. As he is a follower of Hulianov, the red Vampire, I gave him a red painting job.
I'm happy to be back and to be able to paint something.

That's it for now, thanks for reading.

Greetings and logging out

Monday 1 April 2013

Progress, something different and kickstarters

Hello everyone who is reading this.

While I have barely anything new to report. I wanted to show of something new this time.
As for sculpting, I hardly have the time but I'm making progress, slowly.
My team-leaders are finished and primed, but Kara is going to take a while longer.

Here are my turtles from the Greebo fantasy sportsgame: Tutatis.
To be honest, after Blood Bowl I'm not much of a sportsgame fananymore. I even dropped dreadball, despite the fact that it is a good looking game. What's different about Tutatis is that it is played with 15mm miniatures. Many are 'chibi' however and closer to 10mm. But the fact that they are 'chibi' means that their heads are a bit larger and it is easier to paint some facial features.
The turtles didn't take long to paint. Perfect since I was getting a bit rusty anyway.

I plan to use them as 'Berserker' turtles for my pirate AE bounty crew.

As for Kara, this is as far as I got so far. I still have a lot of things to do, like her scabbard, gun and hair. To be honest, it is a lot harder than I expected and I'll be glad when I finish her.

It's going to be an exciting month with two kickstarters that I'm expecting a lot from.
The first one: Ghosts of Hefei started today. They bring out both 15mm and 28mm miniatures.
The Shalur by Rebel miniatures no doubt make up some excellent fabricants.
As for the second one, no date is known yet. But I expect it to start somewhere in April.
Being a long time fan of Jeff Wayne's 'War of The Worlds', Martian Front is a must pledge for me.

That's it for this time! Thanks for reading!

Logging of

Thursday 14 March 2013

Work In Progress

Hey, I wanted to post up some of the leaders I'm making. Not completely finished yet. But the progress is good.

These are going to be my leaders:

My squadleader is going to use Kara Black from Sedition Wars as a model. Perhaps I will do a 15mm version of the game in the future. I'm a fan of it anyway :), but it will be a challenge.
But for now, she will lead my insurgents (a contradiction, given her position in SW. I know).
As I couldn't find a suitable left arm, holding a sword, I'm going to try and sculpt one myself.
The miniature still needs a lot of work, but the base (consisting out of 3 miniatures) is ready.

These four are my teamleaders. The first two are based upon the Serenity crew from GZG.

She is a black Widow from Rebel. She needed the most work from all my teamleaders as I needed to add combat fatigues and broaden her as a whole. She and the two above both have added backpacks, so they match with my current KM Insurgents.
This one was fast and simple, just added a coat and ready.
The terrain in the back is an old Micro machine 15mm Star Wars piece. I believe it is a Gungan Swamp ruin. I'm going to clean it up and remove all the toy parts to change it into a suitable terrain piece for AE bounty.

Now, I'll finish my former black Widow and I can start painting. Kara needs some more work too.

Greetings, thanks for reading my ramblings.

Logging out!

Saturday 2 March 2013

Stranded in the badlands

Yesterday my friend and I had a battle after a long break. At first we decided on AE bounty. But because none of us was able to finish reading through the rules, we played Tomorrow's War instead.

The scenario is simpel:
A small family had a crash in the badlands and are waiting for help to arrive. But unknown to them is that there lurk some creatures with big appetites in this barren land. At first I thought about making it a night scenario. But with such a small board I'm glad I didn't.

As you can see the family is right in the middle with their crashed car. And it started as such a nice day for them.
The Wolf Brigade troopers didn't take any chances and started firing at the Aliens as soon as they got them in sight. Spilling the first (acid) blood.
After that both the rescue team and Aliens sped forward. When the Family spotted them, they froze into place, perfect! With their limited intellect, they knew however that the other food would run if they killed them right there, so they ignored them. Going for the approaching Wolf squad instead.
Some more shots were fired, but when the queen assaulted one team, they didn't stand a chance.
The other team took advantage of the confusion and shot the last intervening Aliens at their side down and urged the family to follow them.
Unfortunately for them I won reaction and charged the troopers as they were running for safety.
Both my queen and the last group of Aliens that I had succeeded in the roll and massacred the last living food.

This was the first time we used close combat in TW, and the first time with an irregular force against a regular as well. The board was heavy on terrain and that, together with some lucky dice rolls (like the family who all three froze into place and some 'Hard to Kill' rolls for my queen), was most likely the downfall of the Wolf Brigade. The defensive fire rule is really realistic and makes you think twice about rushing in. If this were a scenario at night, the rescue team wouldn't have had a chance. Now I think it was about even. As the terrain also blocked my line of sight and stopped me from taking more reactions and blocked charge lanes.

It was fun! That's it for now, thanks for reading!

Logging out

Monday 25 February 2013

something old and something new


Again it's been a while. Keeping track of my progress with this blog. I realise how slow a painter I really am.
Anyway, as always I'm never content with one project. Always looking for the next best thing.

So for something old, I painted up some more insurgents. Two medics, two engineers, a SAW and a rocket launcher. Next up are my leaders and another SAW. When these are ready, we can play the first scenario. Hope I don't get sidetracked by vehicles or something
 else :-).

My leaders are going to be converted, as I want them to look different.
I'm thinking about trenchcoats, simple and effective.

Now for something new. I read some reviews of AE bounty and I must say that it looks very promising to me. While I'm a fan of Necromunda and Mordheim, I find these games also a bit unbalanced. So I wonder if AE bounty avoids this by not having a point based system.
I like Ghost in the shell a lot, so I'll probably start a team based on section 9. Here's a figure of the Major, whose look I want to (or at least try to) copy to a 15mm miniature.
I've also got the Serenity crew from GZG and some extra-terrestials.

That's it for now, thanks for reading.

Logging of!

Monday 4 February 2013

Preparing for the Apocalypse

A bit late, since the date has again passed.
But perhaps I can better keep on painting these post apocalypse wasteland warriors. Just in case.

Here's two of them that I painted up. From Khurasan this time and pleasantly detailed as well.

I'm still trying to get better pictures. As I mostly use my smartphone it isn't always easy. Most of the time they are a bit blurry. Perhaps I better stop taking close ups.

Logging out

Friday 1 February 2013

Damsel in distress

Well, I guess she's more a hooker showing of her wares. But she can be in distress as well. Especially with some nasty aliens lurking around the corner.

I got a bit tired of my blue and white colour scheme so I decided to paint up a civilian. And here she is:
Hope you like her. Her eyes are a bit dark  I know.


Logging out.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Reinforcements incoming


Last evening I was able to lay the last hand on my extra troops.
I painted up some much needed support like a medic, an engineer and 3 troops carrying rocket launchers.

Let's hope they will make a difference. My proxied rocket troops had some successes in the past and a medic sure comes in handy in Tomorrow's war.

That's it for now. On to work and the painting of some more troops.
Thanks for reading!

Logging out

Sunday 27 January 2013

New inventions

Hello everybody,

I just painted up another vehicle. I know that I should have painted up more troops like I said. But the temptation was too great.

Here's a leap in the technological level of my resistance force.
I wanted some kind of stealth or protective measure to deliver my infiltrators.
As the few battles we had showed me how vulnerable my vehicles are. Most of the time they suffered extreme damage from the first shot, rendering them useless.
While a forcefield was to advanced, I started thinking more about a stealth module.
Reasoning that light is energy, it is probably easier to deflect than to bend it. So it is not thermo-optic camouflage. But more like a zone of darkness, suitable for night operations.
the downside is that it doesn't have any weapons anymore because of the large emitter on top.
 Now you can see it.
And now you don't.
The dome is from a GW vortex grenade by the way. But it looks just the way it should be.

Greetings and thanks for reading.

Kryptovidicus out!

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Present Time

Again it's been a while since my last post. So happy New Year everyone! Best wishes!

I said before that sometimes I'm not going to write about 15mm at all. Today is such a day.
When a large package arrived by UPS last monday, it felt like it was by birthday.
Not really a present, but it was part of my Sedition Wars Kickstarter pledge that arrived.

I must say I'm very pleased with the level of quality.
Here's the unpacking.

 The box itself with the extra floorplan set next to it.
 The decks themselves. They contain a lot of detail. But I must admit I still like the second edition Space Hulk corridors en rooms better. It's probably just the style, more menacing.
 A quick look in the rulebook. Nice colorful pages and plenty of painted (and even converted) miniatures. Here you can see the contents page.
The interior of the box is actually very nice as well. Here you can see what I mean about quality.
As expected are the miniatures very detailed and very easy to assemble as well.

These are some extra dice I ordered and the bonus miniatures from the biohazard pledge.

Among them are some glow in the dark miniatures I pledged extra for. Perhaps I'll assemble these first so I can start playing while I'm still painting my 15mm army.

That's it for now, thanks for reading

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