Thursday 14 March 2013

Work In Progress

Hey, I wanted to post up some of the leaders I'm making. Not completely finished yet. But the progress is good.

These are going to be my leaders:

My squadleader is going to use Kara Black from Sedition Wars as a model. Perhaps I will do a 15mm version of the game in the future. I'm a fan of it anyway :), but it will be a challenge.
But for now, she will lead my insurgents (a contradiction, given her position in SW. I know).
As I couldn't find a suitable left arm, holding a sword, I'm going to try and sculpt one myself.
The miniature still needs a lot of work, but the base (consisting out of 3 miniatures) is ready.

These four are my teamleaders. The first two are based upon the Serenity crew from GZG.

She is a black Widow from Rebel. She needed the most work from all my teamleaders as I needed to add combat fatigues and broaden her as a whole. She and the two above both have added backpacks, so they match with my current KM Insurgents.
This one was fast and simple, just added a coat and ready.
The terrain in the back is an old Micro machine 15mm Star Wars piece. I believe it is a Gungan Swamp ruin. I'm going to clean it up and remove all the toy parts to change it into a suitable terrain piece for AE bounty.

Now, I'll finish my former black Widow and I can start painting. Kara needs some more work too.

Greetings, thanks for reading my ramblings.

Logging out!

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  1. That Micro Machines terrain is sweet! Alas all the ones being sold on eBay have high shipping... otherwise I'd be tempted to get my own just for miniature photography!