Sunday, 28 October 2012

Theatre of War

Here's the setting for our Tomorrow's War campaign. For the campaign I altered the scenarios that help you learn the rules a bit to make them fit in our campaign. The setting below describes the Neo-Sovjets as the invaders, but this will likely change as soon as my friend's got a name for his marines.

After the groundbreaking discovery of 'gate projection' technology in 2065, mankind began to search the stars. With the discovery of the garden world Grissom by the US in 2099 the possibilities seemed limitless.
In 2106, right after the discovery of St. Brendan a garden world as well, another possible colonization world was discovered. The world which was dubbed Eradicta, while close to its star (NebulaXVII, BetaVI), showed a high concentration of crystals and minerals which creates a characteristic red planet, just like it is the case with Mars. There was almost no vegetal life (except for some grasses) however and the close proximity to the sun would mean temperatures that could range from 50°C to 80°C during daytime. But that didn't necessarily mean that no plants could grow there. Despite all this and the protests, the planet was classified as ready for colonization as major companies viewed the probable gain weighed against the risks. In 2108 spaceship Majestic, which was little more than a converted transport ship left for the planet with onboard about 2300 colonists, mostly Siberians and Indians. Ten months after arrival, communication faltered. Since its star send out some violent star storms during this period the colony was considered lost and the planet was soon forgotten because of the rise of the Martian workers against its investors.
2291, Man has travelled further in space and war is once more at hand. Eradicta was disputed by both Japan and the Neo-Soviet union of Russia because of its resources. What couldn't be done during a time of peace was no problem during a time of war. Russia claimed the planet as spoils of war. And because resources were hard to get during these hard times, the workers union send out a ship to harvest the resources before other nations could get to it. There was one possibility that no one had foreseen. The earlier colonists had spread over the planet and weren't really happy to see the newcomers. Hardy and sturdy survivalists forged in the mines and by the harsh climate rose up against the Russians. None of the Russian workers would ever leave the planet again. The Russian army, decided to split a small part of its main army to crush the insurgents led by the Russian matriarch-general Yulia Tymoshenko. Little did they know of the dangers deep in the mines, a danger that caused the communication breakdown earlier in the colony's history.

I also took some pictures, just to show off my 'Aliens' and for the fun off it. They turned out a bit glossy though:

This is some work in progress. These are the power armored suits (from Critical Mass) for my insurgency force. As they are a bit large to be just power armored suits, I give them the Mounted Cavalry rule as well. Ruling that the pilots could leave the suit by an evacuation seat.
I'm not a big fan of the arms that came with them as they looked a bit goofy. So I took some WH40K Space marine arms, they fit nicely as these models are about the same size. For weaponry I plan to use some Heavy Gear weapons, but these are still on their way. They still need bases as well.
Behind the suits you can see some of the many civilians that I still have to paint :).

Wouter out

Saturday, 27 October 2012

second battle

Friday evening is battle evening at my place. And Saturday afternoon we play an rpg, well almost every saturday.
As a side note: Currently I'm leading a Fireborn campaign, but recently the following rpg came to my attention and I will probably try it at some time:
I think it is a wonderful idea and hope it will see many supplements in other languages as well.

Anyway, about Friday evening. We played a pretty straightforward battle, with me using my spetsnatz troops and my opponent his marines. I had the better trained troops and recon power armour while he outnumbered me.
His mission was to get to his APC and guard it, while I had to try to capture an enemy officer. Our missions were generated using the rules in TW. The real goal was to get familiar with the rules. Last time I forgot to use the rules for powered armour and my opponents forces had better Tech Level. This time our Tech Level was the same.
In contradiction to our first battle, the game only lasted for three turns. Where I annihilated his forces with superior Troop Quality. I didn't even bother going for my objective. He won initiative the first round, but could only walk to his doom. Because of the Recon armour I could cross the battlefield very fast, and had almost as much firepower as he had. Especially since every unit had two support weapons.
The gaming mat we play on is a 2'x2' from Baueda. Which should be the right size for TW. We talked it through and I think my opponent should take more units next time.

I'm still playing with my Neo-Sovjets because I still haven't painted my Insurgents yet and I'm still waiting for my reinforcements (hurry up Khurasan ;)).

Logging of for now!



Friday, 26 October 2012

New to this

It took ,me a while. But after surfing around a lot and visiting other people's blogspots I decided to start my own. Recently, me and a friend, started with a 15mm project.
This after many years of 28mm wargames. We played and still play a lot of different games: Warmachine, WH40K, Anima Tactics, Malifaux, Infinity, Freebooters Fate to name a few.
So it might be possible that this blog isn't about 15mm at all from time to time.

So, why start with 15mm. The reasons are simple:
1. We are busy people with little time to paint and 15mm paints so much faster.
2. Trying something new. And the idea of picking the mini's that we like from any manufacturer is something that really got us started.
3. I saw the Demon models from Khurasan and was hooked.

About the project, our goal is simple: Try as many game systems as we can find and select the one that suits us best. First up is Tomorrow's War from Ambush Alley Games.
I started with an Neo-Sovjet force and my friend with an army based on the Rebel miniatures Titan marines. Which he still hasn't named yet (so, Bram if you are reading this: hint, hint ;)).
But since I liked more difference in our respective forces, I switched to an insurgent force. Saving my Sovjets for later. Of course I also started gathering some space Demons.
To field them I really need some anti-tank weapons, so I started a conversion to create a larger creature.
The creature is an old Rezolution model. That I'm going to make more 'Alien'.
Here's some of my Neo-Sovjets. With a gigantic walker... I was lazy I know and bought an old prepainted Rackham Yaga. In front of it are some Spetsnatz troops.
 This is a group shot of my Neo-Sovjet leader, military advisor and aid/driver.
 And some civilians in front of bunker 18 (from Brigade models). They are a mix of GZG, Khurasan an A lot more are on their way, and I mean a lot.

Space out for now.