Saturday, 27 October 2012

second battle

Friday evening is battle evening at my place. And Saturday afternoon we play an rpg, well almost every saturday.
As a side note: Currently I'm leading a Fireborn campaign, but recently the following rpg came to my attention and I will probably try it at some time:
I think it is a wonderful idea and hope it will see many supplements in other languages as well.

Anyway, about Friday evening. We played a pretty straightforward battle, with me using my spetsnatz troops and my opponent his marines. I had the better trained troops and recon power armour while he outnumbered me.
His mission was to get to his APC and guard it, while I had to try to capture an enemy officer. Our missions were generated using the rules in TW. The real goal was to get familiar with the rules. Last time I forgot to use the rules for powered armour and my opponents forces had better Tech Level. This time our Tech Level was the same.
In contradiction to our first battle, the game only lasted for three turns. Where I annihilated his forces with superior Troop Quality. I didn't even bother going for my objective. He won initiative the first round, but could only walk to his doom. Because of the Recon armour I could cross the battlefield very fast, and had almost as much firepower as he had. Especially since every unit had two support weapons.
The gaming mat we play on is a 2'x2' from Baueda. Which should be the right size for TW. We talked it through and I think my opponent should take more units next time.

I'm still playing with my Neo-Sovjets because I still haven't painted my Insurgents yet and I'm still waiting for my reinforcements (hurry up Khurasan ;)).

Logging of for now!



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