Friday, 21 June 2019

25 years later

Hello everyone,

I've gone through a week of hell with both my wife and three children suffering from a severe cold and high fever, leaving me, as the most resistant one, to nurse them all back to health.
Luckily I haven't fallen sick yet and my oldest son is also already going back to school.
This left me with little time for my hobby but I did manage to finish some things I was already working on.

First and foremost my stars of this post, some (infamous) old-school Games Workshop Snotlings.
These guys were some of the first miniatures I ever bought with the pocketmoney I had, some 25 years ago. Without the funds for some decent paints a few of them were given a thick craftstore paint layer so I could use them in an RPG I was mastering, the rest of them ended up in a box not to see the light of day for many, many years.
When I visited my home in Belgium earlier this year, I looked through my lead and plastic pile to see what I could use for the projects I had planned and came across these guys again.
While they were meant for 28mm, they're perfect for 15mm too.
On top of that they are some amazing sculpts, with a lot of different facial expressions and poses (I got 19 individual models). Whoever sculpted these did an amazing job.
So, back in Australia I started to base and paint them up for Burning Sands.
They're a race of cavedwelling Trogs which,  in typical 80's cartoon style, are going to represent the slightly clumsy followers of the main villain, an Efreet who controls them through a Djinn.

Four done, only 15 more to go!

I also layed the final hand at my World of Twilight Legends Empire militia and knights.
Not in time for the painting competition but ready to play with.

Here's a group shot of all the Legends models I've painted so far. 

That's it for this week, back to my sick children :D.

Thank you for reading!

Best regards,

Saturday, 15 June 2019

World of Twilight Legends and getting some more boring stuff done

Hello everyone,

These past few weeks I had very little time to do some painting as my wife was using my usual painting spot to do some studying for an exam.
Instead I focussed on getting something I've been putting off for a long time done: terrain!
While I love building terrain, painting can be a bit boring sometimes and though I wasn't happy with my dark reddish rocks colourscheme I kept it because I didn't want to spend more time on them.
Anyway, I took out my (cheap) airbrush and gave them a new coat, as well as some more scatter terrain and palmtrees for burning sands.
Here's the result, not special but it suits my needs. I might add an oasis and other smaller terrain pieces later but I've got enough to fill a 2' x 2' table for now.

The Egyptian style ruins are from a company called Scibor and are perfect for 15mm in my opinion. I could have done a far better job painting them, but the truth is they probably are only going to be used as objective markers or spawning points for scarab swarms and I think they look good enough after a drybrush. 

With another 'after the Kickstarter painting competition' currently going on and me starting late, I painted models at every free moment I got. 
They're certainly not my best work, a bit rushed even, and I'm probably not going to be able to finish the diorama I had planned.
One thing I had to do was convert the base sizes as World of Twilight has standarized bases. So small (30mm) bacame 20mm, Medium (40mm) became 25mm and so on.

My converted Devanu Matriarch

The (unfinished) tower, still waiting for some occupants.

In case you're wondering, the stripes on this fella's pants are irregular on purpose :D, I thought it would look better and be more appropriate this way. I also added some bits on him with greenstuff so he looks closer to his 25mm counterpart.

That's it for this time, thanks for reading!


Monday, 13 May 2019

Learning a new skill

Hello everyone,

Once more it took me a while to start blogging again.
But with a trip to Belgium, a week to try and get rid of a jetlag, having the kids at home for a holiday and me having the flu I didn’t get much hobby time these last few weeks.
Also, my focus currently lies on sculpting and converting, especially since my pledge from the World of Twilight Legends KS arrived.

Another reason I'm posting much is that I started playing 'Burning Sands' with my two eldest sons. It's, not unlike Rangers of Shadow Deep, a game with a strong RPG influence. The main difference with RoSD being the fact one player is controlling the 'Evil' force and the other one a hero and his/her henchmen. My oldest son asked me numerous times already when we're going to play again (our last game was on Saturday), making me focus on this game instead. My biggest problem and concern about RoSD is the fact there's so much to paint and build that were not playing the game yet. I know I don't have to convert all these miniatures but hey, that's what I do and like.
While I don't really care about the WYSIWYG rule, I think it is very important to at least have a miniature that kind of resembles what he's meant to be when playing with children.

With a painting competition for the World of Twilight Legends stuff coming up I've shifted my focus though.
That being said, I'm trying and learning to sculpt and I personally feel like I'm getting better.
15mm is far more forgiving than 28mm when converting and I think the scale suits me better anyway.

Most of these are still WIP, but you get the idea.

 Commander Brenar

 A Devanu Hatchling I'm sculpting, militia for scale.

 Devanu Matriarch

I felt that the detail on the armguards was a bit shallow so I 'improved' a bit on that.

I put on of the Delgon priests on the miscast (hence the greenstuff on his legs) Belan and went to town by sculpting robes, bottles and such. Still need to finish the staff though.

I wasn't entirely happy with the Lorsan cast, as you can see there are quite a few big airbubbles.

The heads on the militia are a flimsy as well and two had broken off during transport to my home. This did give me a reason to have them look in different directions though and make them a little bit more individual.
That's it for this post, hopefully there will be some painted models next time.
Thanks a lot for reading!

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

And now for something different

Hello everyone,

Here's another weekly update with something that isn't 15mm this time.
Soon I will be going back to Belgium for a short holiday to meet family and friends and I decided to use this opportunity to get rid of some non-15mm while I'm there.
Offering stuff to my friends is probably the best way to get started and  Lucky for me they didn't disappoint when I contacted them.
However, some miniatures accidentally moved to Australia over the course of our stay here and I need to take these with me when I go, among them two partially painted miniatures for Freebooter's Fate.
To do my friend who likes to buy them a favour, I painted these up already. This way he's got a painted starter set to begin with.

For those who don't know the game: Freebooter's Fate is a German game about pirates (duh) and their antics. What's different about the game is that it doesn't use any dice at all but a rather unique card mechanic, unique even compared to other games with cards like Malifaux.

I must admit it felt a bit weird painting 28mm miniatures again; they're far from perfect, but with only four hours/model (which is almost speedpainting for me) I can't complain about the result.
The most funny thing to do was comparing them to the three miniatures I painted oh so many years ago. I always considered/thought I was at my peak back then,
Seeing them now together I feel like my painting skills have evolved. Back then I was using techniques which were new to me, like NMM and I learned a lot in a short time while now I got more tricks; though it took me longer to learn them.

And now the whole gang

That's it for this week, thank you very much for reading.



Friday, 15 March 2019

Howling to the Moon

Hello everyone,

Here's another progress update on my Rangers of Shadow Deep project.
With my children having a public holiday this week I had less time to paint and decided to do something real quick. This is easily achieved when using a limited palette of colours and while I don't plan to use most of the models from the get-go, I am going to use them in the long run.
Turns out I was even able to finish these in a shorter amount of time than I expected, so I also did a quicky on an undead ogre.

Some zombie wolves and a werewolf; I still need to paint three more of these wolves.

While I'm going to use this beast as a werewolf, he doesn't really look like one, which is why I decided on a different colourscheme. In my eyes he looks more like 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'.

A German Shepherd companion model for the good guys.

I'm not sure, but I think this is an alien dog model from Alternative Armies.

This is actually an 28mm Norse dwarf from Bad Squiddo Games, but given her size she's perfect as a large model for 15mm too. The only thing I did was make her look more skeletal. I hope they're doing more Norse dwarves in the future as I will be needing at least one more ogre

That's it for these week, thank you for visiting!


Saturday, 9 March 2019

'Stand back girl!'

Hello everyone,

A short post this time has I didn't have much time to paint this week.
Last Sunday was spend going to the Adelaide 500 (a racing car event) with the family.
I'm only remembering the loud engines and noxious fumes, but my two eldest sons simply adore these kind of things.
So it was a bit like a compulsory family excursion.
On Monday I did a little bit more conversion work on some doubles I got, to make some more individual companion models.

I'm not entirely happy with them, but I'm getting there and the head swaps turned out better than I expected. 

 This little girl started out as a Ravenwing Angelic figure. After I saw it on eBay I asked the seller how tall it was and he said that it measured 15mm.
So I planned transforming it into a second Arcanist, with a book strapped onto his back. When it arrived it turned out it was only 12mm and without a lip on it's feet it felt even smaller.
I decided to try my hand at sculpting a face and make it look like a little girl.
The first face I made was too large, better suited for 25mm, this is my second attempt.
While painting her I had no idea what to do with the rabbit as I didn't want her to look too drab, which is why it's pink and looks a bit like a care-rabbit.

Among the order I got from Alternative Armies we're more Rogue/Thief characters than I had a use for, so I decided to change one to a swordsman.
I added a hat, facial hair, sword and a scabbard.
The hat, scabbard and sword turned out alright, though his stance is a bit weird. His moustache and goatee look ridiculous in my opinion though, I need to do better next time.

A wraith, also from AA.
I didn't like the empty hood on the model and tried sculpting him a skullface. Some of the details, like it's teeth, turned out being too shallow as I painted him.
Lessons learned!

That's it for this week. 
Thanks a lot for reading

Best regards


Saturday, 2 March 2019

Protect the lady!

Hello everyone,

Like I said in my previous post, most of my hobby time this week was spend applying to all the miniatures I painted since I arrived in Australia, just over a year ago.
To be honest, there weren't that many of them but it took a lot of time cleaning my airbrush after each session. Especially as varnish has the tendency to clutter, blocking the exhaust.
Using a spray can was out of the question however with the high temperatures we had here last week.

Luckily I had some time left to finish some models, though two of them were a bit rushed.

A man at arms and a templar defending this lady's (civilian) honour.
I tried to paint a gryphon on this guy's shield, not 100% perfect but it'll do.

While unpacking everything to put some varnish on, I came across these guys who were almost completely painted except for the base. So I did this real quick and added them in the queue.

That's it for now, thanks a lot for reading!