Wednesday, 20 March 2019

And now for something different

Hello everyone,

Here's another weekly update with something that isn't 15mm this time.
Soon I will be going back to Belgium for a short holiday to meet family and friends and I decided to use this opportunity to get rid of some non-15mm while I'm there.
Offering stuff to my friends is probably the best way to get started and  Lucky for me they didn't disappoint when I contacted them.
However, some miniatures accidentally moved to Australia over the course of our stay here and I need to take these with me when I go, among them two partially painted miniatures for Freebooter's Fate.
To do my friend who likes to buy them a favour, I painted these up already. This way he's got a painted starter set to begin with.

For those who don't know the game: Freebooter's Fate is a German game about pirates (duh) and their antics. What's different about the game is that it doesn't use any dice at all but a rather unique card mechanic, unique even compared to other games with cards like Malifaux.

I must admit it felt a bit weird painting 28mm miniatures again; they're far from perfect, but with only four hours/model (which is almost speedpainting for me) I can't complain about the result.
The most funny thing to do was comparing them to the three miniatures I painted oh so many years ago. I always considered/thought I was at my peak back then,
Seeing them now together I feel like my painting skills have evolved. Back then I was using techniques which were new to me, like NMM and I learned a lot in a short time while now I got more tricks; though it took me longer to learn them.

And now the whole gang

That's it for this week, thank you very much for reading.



Friday, 15 March 2019

Howling to the Moon

Hello everyone,

Here's another progress update on my Rangers of Shadow Deep project.
With my children having a public holiday this week I had less time to paint and decided to do something real quick. This is easily achieved when using a limited palette of colours and while I don't plan to use most of the models from the get-go, I am going to use them in the long run.
Turns out I was even able to finish these in a shorter amount of time than I expected, so I also did a quicky on an undead ogre.

Some zombie wolves and a werewolf; I still need to paint three more of these wolves.

While I'm going to use this beast as a werewolf, he doesn't really look like one, which is why I decided on a different colourscheme. In my eyes he looks more like 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'.

A German Shepherd companion model for the good guys.

I'm not sure, but I think this is an alien dog model from Alternative Armies.

This is actually an 28mm Norse dwarf from Bad Squiddo Games, but given her size she's perfect as a large model for 15mm too. The only thing I did was make her look more skeletal. I hope they're doing more Norse dwarves in the future as I will be needing at least one more ogre

That's it for these week, thank you for visiting!


Saturday, 9 March 2019

'Stand back girl!'

Hello everyone,

A short post this time has I didn't have much time to paint this week.
Last Sunday was spend going to the Adelaide 500 (a racing car event) with the family.
I'm only remembering the loud engines and noxious fumes, but my two eldest sons simply adore these kind of things.
So it was a bit like a compulsory family excursion.
On Monday I did a little bit more conversion work on some doubles I got, to make some more individual companion models.

I'm not entirely happy with them, but I'm getting there and the head swaps turned out better than I expected. 

 This little girl started out as a Ravenwing Angelic figure. After I saw it on eBay I asked the seller how tall it was and he said that it measured 15mm.
So I planned transforming it into a second Arcanist, with a book strapped onto his back. When it arrived it turned out it was only 12mm and without a lip on it's feet it felt even smaller.
I decided to try my hand at sculpting a face and make it look like a little girl.
The first face I made was too large, better suited for 25mm, this is my second attempt.
While painting her I had no idea what to do with the rabbit as I didn't want her to look too drab, which is why it's pink and looks a bit like a care-rabbit.

Among the order I got from Alternative Armies we're more Rogue/Thief characters than I had a use for, so I decided to change one to a swordsman.
I added a hat, facial hair, sword and a scabbard.
The hat, scabbard and sword turned out alright, though his stance is a bit weird. His moustache and goatee look ridiculous in my opinion though, I need to do better next time.

A wraith, also from AA.
I didn't like the empty hood on the model and tried sculpting him a skullface. Some of the details, like it's teeth, turned out being too shallow as I painted him.
Lessons learned!

That's it for this week. 
Thanks a lot for reading

Best regards


Saturday, 2 March 2019

Protect the lady!

Hello everyone,

Like I said in my previous post, most of my hobby time this week was spend applying to all the miniatures I painted since I arrived in Australia, just over a year ago.
To be honest, there weren't that many of them but it took a lot of time cleaning my airbrush after each session. Especially as varnish has the tendency to clutter, blocking the exhaust.
Using a spray can was out of the question however with the high temperatures we had here last week.

Luckily I had some time left to finish some models, though two of them were a bit rushed.

A man at arms and a templar defending this lady's (civilian) honour.
I tried to paint a gryphon on this guy's shield, not 100% perfect but it'll do.

While unpacking everything to put some varnish on, I came across these guys who were almost completely painted except for the base. So I did this real quick and added them in the queue.

That's it for now, thanks a lot for reading!


Wednesday, 27 February 2019

World of Twilight Kickstarter

Hello everyone,

I know, I know, this isn't really an update but a rather blatant commercial.
But hey, it's about two of my favourite hobby-related things: World of Twilight and 15mm.

A few days ago (now there's less than 40 hours left, so if you want to participate you have to be quick), Mike launched a KS to celebrate it's been 10 years since the release of his first miniatures.
To do so he sculpted a 15mm tower for a range he calls 'Legends'.
3 updates in, he suddenly showed of some more 15mm models which made me make a little happy dance.

If 15mm fantasy is your thing, make sure to check this campaign out!

As for any progress on my 'Rangers of Shadow Deep' project, I'll do and update soon.
However, most of my hobbytime this week was spend on giving all the miniatures I painted so far, this and last year, a much needed varnish coat (or two).

Thank you for reading!


Friday, 22 February 2019

Masters of the Arcane

Hello again everyone,

This week I’ve spend a few hours painting a few heroes for the 15mm Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign I’ve been planning. Nothing really special but I’m happy that I’m making some progress.

I’ve also been thinking on how I can keep this blog alive and I believe the key will be to do regular, but smaller updates. As my interest often comes and wanes, I can’t promise I’ll keep a steady pace, but at the very least I hope to do at least one update every two weeks.

The terrain piece is from the Burrows and Badgers range and is unfortunately too large for 15mm. However, as it sat in my ‘to do’ pile for quite some time I decided to spend some time finishing it. After all, I also hope to play some Burrows and Badgers somewhere in the future (I own almost every model in the range so it would be a shame not to). I found some more resin terrain pieces which I bought years ago, but didn't do anything with apart from washing and giving them an undercoat, which you can expect to see these in the near future as well.

 Conjurer: I painted him up as a bright wizard from Warhammer. The glowing staff didn't work out as I wanted though.

 Arcanist: this guy was originally a priest holding a cross. As I did not like the cross, I removed it, together with his right hand, and replaced with a torch. While not on a dangerous mission he's probably serving the crown as a scribe (hence the symbol on his tabard).

Raptor: A small conversion based on a frenu from World of Twilight, the only things I did was adding a second pair of legs, changing the tail and do some draconic ridges on his head and back.

This is a rather small scenery piece, but the bucket alone is half as tall as a 15mm mini, so it's unsuitable for the scale.
Thanks a lot for reading!

Sunday, 17 February 2019

New Year, new beginnings (for real this time)

A very belated Happy New Year everyone! Once again I must apologise for my erratic blogging and late update. Truth to be told, I’ve been idle when it comes to hobbying for a long time since my last post. With me and my family moving house again, the search for a job (which isn’t over yet), a holiday to Queensland and one to New Zealand and especially a pain in my left shoulder that prevented me from painting for more than a half hour at the time. And without a goal or project to work towards, I’ve found myself being immersed in video games whenever I had a moment not doing anything else.

However, while looking at new posts at G+, I unexpectedly came across some reposted blog articles of mine. After talking a bit to the one who posted them (thank you Fred Jackson), I let myself be convinced to make get my blog going again. It would definitely be a good promise to myself for the new year. But for this I needed a project …

Shortly after I started searching for miniatures games to play with my two eldest sons, I came across the recently released ‘Rangers of Shadow Deep’. The thing with playing a game with my boys is that it kind of feels like playing to myself, with me making all the decisions and someone else moving the pieces. While this is fine at first and certainly counts towards the father-sons quality time, it isn’t sustainable for me personally as it lacks a challenge. So, when I found out that the Rangers of Shadow Deep was cooperative, I decided to buy the PDF and was happy to see it didn’t disappoint.

If I use 15mm, I can change the ranges from inches to centimetres. While this isn’t perfect when it comes to scalability, my sons could use the metric system, which they are familiar with, instead of the odd imperial one and it also takes up far less space for storage. After rummaging through the small miniatures pile I found out I had quite a few 15mm protagonists, but no heroes.

One of the things I wasn’t entirely happy with when doing my World of Twilight ‘Lost Boys’ project, though I won the best force award, was my green stuff work. So I also decided to learn myself some new skills with a very cheap airbrush (to get rid of these overly expensive spray cans and try out something new) and making some extensive conversions, as well as sculpting.

Also, my friend Richard (you can find his blog here: in all his kindness, decided to part with his Casanii and send them to me. As I’m a sucker when it comes to making every single model unique, the Rangers of Shadow Deep project would be great training to get them done in the future. Once more: Thank you very much Richard!

Here are the first miniatures I painted this year, many more are undercoated and silently waiting for their turn in the que. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, they're taken with my Phone and the lighting outside isn't the best

 Some treasure tokens for the game and a trapdoor. The one on the 30mm lipped base sat, only partially painted, in a carrying casefor many years. Not sure if I'm going to use that one but it kind of felt good to complete that one too.

 Cocoon markers I made for the scenario with the spiders using cotton earbuds.

 These rats came with a Skaven beast master set. I had to remove all the tubes and Skaven iconography but they're the perfect size (see below).

 Some Khurasan zombies, I really like these as they are exactly how I see zombies.
Not carrying weapons or whatsever, just some ragtag walking corpses.

And last a small child, to be used as a survivor if a scenario calls for it.

I'm probably going to add some grass to the bases later. Unfortunately, the kinds I got here a bit tall for 15mm so I'll have to bring back some from my stock in Belgium when we get back from our holiday there later this year.
Thanks a lot for reading!