Wednesday 24 June 2020

In the darkness of the night

Hello everyone, 

I know I'm posting in rapid succession now, this has nothing to do with a lock down or quarantaine, but simply because I had been putting it off to take pictures of all the models I painted. Like I said in the comments of my previous post, photography isn't really my strong suit and I lack the soft- and hardware to do it properly. 

The post for today is about me trying something new, so please don't judge me too harshly on the quality of painting this time 😁, it's just me having some fun. Though I think you can see some progression towards the end.
I've always had a soft spot for these old black and white movies from the early 1900's up to halfway the century, and horror movies in particular at that. 
Blue Moon has a great set for this, which I bought a few years back when I wanted to play Dracula's America. Maybe I'll do some vampire hunters and townsfolk in the future as well. 

So, without further ado, here are my vampires:

First tryout model, a vampire knight in full armour. Not happy about the skin colour, but that's part of the journey. Model is from Alternative Armies.

Bound for eternity, a Duke and Duchess.
Buttons on the Duke's jacket were a bit too small to paint, which is why they look a bit messy. 

Poor Duchess gets lonely when her husband is out hunting, so she has gotten herself some toy boys (sorry couldn't resist). 

I'd love to hear your ideas on these ones and painting in black, white and grey tones. Especially if you have tried this out yourself. 
I know the sand is out of tone, I considered doing a cobblestone pattern on the base but then they probably would never be used in a game. 
That's why I decided to give them the same brown base as all of the rest of my fantasy models.

Finally, I decided to throw this miniature in. She's another vampire from Blue Moon, but I thought she looked more like a banshee so I painted her up in the same way as my tortured soul.

Again, thank you all for reading and leave a comment if you feel like it. 
Next post will be up in a few days. 



Edit: Javi asked me about how tall the models are in the comments and I remember seeing a comment in a previous post with the same question. I'm going to try and think about adding a picture with some kind of reference in my next post. Hope the picture is clear enough. 


  1. Painting in pure black and grey is a pain, as it is all about the tone and subtle variances which is the opposite way to how we normally paint models with lots of contrast.
    I think what you've done with the models is great with small hints of colour within the models which gives a very muted tone that looks perfect for undead

    1. Thank you Dave, your comment is much appreciated.
      From what I gathered when I did a bit of research, when monochrome is done right you can trick the brain in believing there are colours whilst in fact there's just shades of grey. I'm far from that level but happy to hear that what I wanted to achieve comes across.

  2. Woooow! Love that dark atmoshere! Great work!

    1. Thank you Michal, sometimes I have to challenge myself and I was so used to painting bright colours I thought this was something that could take me out of my comfort zone.

  3. More stunning work! I just love those creepy skin tones.

    1. Thanks Michael, just a warm grey base and lots of thinned white layered up.

  4. So much stuff going on I dunno where to start...

    The 1st pic with the background out of focus: fantastic. Mad loved it.

    ...till I saw Nosferatu. Fu***** love that movie, my all time fave vamp. I do not buy minis anymore unless the came inside a board game box but I'm so tempted seeing what you've done to that mini.

    An absolute perfect replacement for Dracula (fury of Dracula boardgame).

    Based are far better than you might think: monochrome paintjobs are like being at a glory hole in the land of cactus men. The warm colour on the base balances the coldness of the minis.

    As I've said, like em so far... The Banshee and the glow on the dance floor effect is also a plus.

    I approves 👍 now move on and post some moAr tomorrow 😋

    1. PS. Would love to know how tall in mm is that Nosferatu. The set appears to be $15 but it'd be a bummer if that turned out to be smaller than my boardgame pieces ( non standard, roughly skinny 25mm )

    2. Thank you so much for the kind comment Javi! Timeless isn't he? Hard to believe the movie's almost a century old.
      I fear the model may be a bit too small for your purposes. I'll edit the post for you and add a picture to show how big they are.

      I got one more post lined up, no promises after that one 😉.

    3. Yay thanks!

      Oh boy, those are small... I was aware they would look like like the few flames of war minis I own but this way it's easier to appreciate how good your brushwork is for such little surface to paint on!


  5. Having fun IS the most important thing. So you're good :) And these minis looks fantastic, Wouter ... they really, really are.

    1. Okay I typed too fast and my inner Grammar Nazi is kicking in ... so it's *look not *looks AND *do not *are. Sorry O_O

    2. No worries Kuan and thank you very much for your comment. I wholeheartedly agree with you, it's a hobby so it must remain fun.