Sunday 17 November 2019

Local Wildlife

Hello Everyone,

Nothing really special this week, most of them are just some local animals and tokens for my Burning Sands games, though some of them may be featuring in other games in the future as well. One of the games I’m considering of doing is a Pulp exploration game and maybe even Ghost Archipelago.
Most of these have been on my painting list for a very long time and while they weren’t the most urgent, I’m still happy to finally call them done.

First up are the two animals that aren’t meant for Burning Sands.
  • The giant maggot is a Burrow Worm for Rangers of Shadow Deep, however with the number of undead I’m gathering I’m considering of doing a skirmish version of Dragon Rampant and this maggot could be a great addition to my army. The model is from the Reaper Bones line and I discovered here how hard it is to remove mouldlines from the models. In fact I suppose I need to use a technique similar to the one used on the Mantic plastics, which is cutting them away. This technique worked fine on my tortured soul, but I’m not a big fan of it as there’s always the risk you’re destroying details while doing so. Unfortunately there are still quite a few mouldlines present on my maggot as other techniques didn’t work and I guess I gave up.

  • Another game I’ve been considering is a 15mm version of the Relicblade game, I love the system and it could easily be played in other scales than 28mm, and I did this sabretooth with this in mind. For now it’s just going to feature in Rangers of Shadow Deep as a hound though. The model is a 10mm tiger model from Magister Militum where I sculpted some tusks on. I decided to use this smaller scale as the sabretooths in the 28mm version of the game are also a bit smaller than the human models.

My two ostriches are a bit tall for 15mm and I suspect that I once got them as a freebee or picked them up in a sale (although I can’t remember why). Despite their size and the fact that they’re a bit static, I decided to use them anyway and they’re actually not that bad as far as objectives go.

Not sure anymore where the lion comes from, he’s not the best sculpt and a bit shallow on the details (as if from a mould that’s been used for too long) but he will do. For now he’s on his own but I found two 25mm Hasslefree lionesses in my lead and resin pile which, despite a slight difference in size, will join his pride later.

The lizard is another 25mm model from Bad Squiddo games that I decided to use for 15mm anyway as it would otherwise sit in my lead pile like forever. And again the scale difference doesn’t really matter that much.

Finally, a bunch of tokens. I put some plastic stones on a washer to represent things like warp- or gemstones. The eggs I got, which actually are dinosaur nests from Magister Militum, came in a pack of three so I painted them all up.

That's it for this week, thank you for reading.


Friday 8 November 2019


Hello everyone, 

it's been a while since I last posted anything. Again, I can offer you plenty of excuses but in I'm not going to do that. I got a bit depressed because my job hunt is going poorly and immersed myself in Persona 5 to keep my mind from wandering. 
However, October is usually a month many painters use to paint in a kind of theme (Zomtober being a regular one). With the Halloween spirit in mind (not that I care about the holiday though) I started painting some creatures that are often considered creepy, disturbing or spooky after I got back from a family holiday in Western Australia.

While I still even haven't got an interview in sight, even though I’ve send over a 100 resumes already, I got the painting bug again so I'll hopefully feel well enough to post more regularly in the coming weeks. 

First up are a bunch of spiders I bought off from eBay. Given the price I paid for them I suspect they're recasts; the details are pretty good though but the resin's a bit brittle and a few legs broke off during transport.
Their size is similar to that of a medium sized animal, not too big or too small and close to what I was looking for.

Next is a converted Reaper Bones fire elemental, which I'm going to use as a tortured soul for the Rangers of Shadow Deep game.

A couple of skeletons and skeleton knights from Alternative Armies. I removed the turban on one of them as I thought it looked ridiculous, my repair work isn’t the best on him however and he looks a bit weird (you can probably spot him right away). There were a few more skeletons in the pack I bought, but these are wearing some more outlandish armour so I’m saving them as summons for my Burning Sands collection.

And finally a trio of Blood Bats from the Warhammer Vampire Bat Swarm range, especially the two smaller ones are great for 15mm.

After painting all of these I felt like doing more, so hopefully it won't be too long until my next update. Thank you for reading!

Best regards