Monday 13 May 2019

Learning a new skill

Hello everyone,

Once more it took me a while to start blogging again.
But with a trip to Belgium, a week to try and get rid of a jetlag, having the kids at home for a holiday and me having the flu I didn’t get much hobby time these last few weeks.
Also, my focus currently lies on sculpting and converting, especially since my pledge from the World of Twilight Legends KS arrived.

Another reason I'm posting much is that I started playing 'Burning Sands' with my two eldest sons. It's, not unlike Rangers of Shadow Deep, a game with a strong RPG influence. The main difference with RoSD being the fact one player is controlling the 'Evil' force and the other one a hero and his/her henchmen. My oldest son asked me numerous times already when we're going to play again (our last game was on Saturday), making me focus on this game instead. My biggest problem and concern about RoSD is the fact there's so much to paint and build that were not playing the game yet. I know I don't have to convert all these miniatures but hey, that's what I do and like.
While I don't really care about the WYSIWYG rule, I think it is very important to at least have a miniature that kind of resembles what he's meant to be when playing with children.

With a painting competition for the World of Twilight Legends stuff coming up I've shifted my focus though.
That being said, I'm trying and learning to sculpt and I personally feel like I'm getting better.
15mm is far more forgiving than 28mm when converting and I think the scale suits me better anyway.

Most of these are still WIP, but you get the idea.

 Commander Brenar

 A Devanu Hatchling I'm sculpting, militia for scale.

 Devanu Matriarch

I felt that the detail on the armguards was a bit shallow so I 'improved' a bit on that.

I put on of the Delgon priests on the miscast (hence the greenstuff on his legs) Belan and went to town by sculpting robes, bottles and such. Still need to finish the staff though.

I wasn't entirely happy with the Lorsan cast, as you can see there are quite a few big airbubbles.

The heads on the militia are a flimsy as well and two had broken off during transport to my home. This did give me a reason to have them look in different directions though and make them a little bit more individual.
That's it for this post, hopefully there will be some painted models next time.
Thanks a lot for reading!