Monday 25 August 2014

Happy birthday to me :)

It's again been a while since I last posted something.
Part of it because I played a lot of computer games again.
With Dragon age Inquisition coming up I replayed the first two titles.
But also lost myself a bit in 'The Wolf among us', which I think is one of the best rpg's I ever played.

I did some painting though, but lost interest after a bad experience with a varnish spray.
After painting a lot of 15mm miniatures, I decided to varnish them, so they were ready for a game of Gruntz.
I don't know if it was because of the weather (it was very hot), because of the wind or if there was anything wrong with the spray, but a white coating appeared on my miniatures.
This wasn't the first time something like that happened though. I let the varnish dry and gave it a second coating, as this solved the problem in the past. Too my horror, the second coating didn't solve the issue at all and instead frosted on the previous white coat, forming a thick white crust.
The only solution was to strip them all of the varnish and paint.

Lately I've been following the new release of Heavy Gear Blitz, which is now available as a beta edition. And decided to collect a force of my own. After reading in the older Locked and Loaded book, I decided to go for the Silver Vipers, as I like their background the best.
Here's my first J├Ąger miniature:

Today is my birthday and the postman brought me some presents from me too me, as a result from my past kickstarter spending habit.
I looked forward too both of them and neither did disappoint me.

The first is Relic Knights, the rewards are a bit late, and I already started to worry a bit as there are so many people who already received them.
Here's a portion of the rewards I received:
Secondly is from a roleplaying game I'm currently running: Shadows of Esteren.
The quality is extremely high, both in artwork as in the writing.
It can't be seen in the picture, but the books are all hardcover and there are so many details in the art. The Black Rose box actually closes with a magnet, which is incorperated in the cardboard.

Anyway, that's it for now, got to spend some time with the kids :).

Thanks for reading and until the next time!