Friday 28 June 2013


Here's a quick update for the Ruination game I mentioned in my previous post.
They are having an easy competion where you can earn some of their mini's. For everone who likes to paint some 54mm miniatures, or just wants some free mini's, go take a look.



Thursday 27 June 2013

Something big

Again, there was a long time of inactivity.
Mostly because I was busy with other things like Shadows of Esteren.
But in the end, I Always return to my painting table. If only as a way to relieve stress.

This time I painted up something different. While 15mm can be very fun to paint as it goes fast. It can also be a bit boring after some time, hence my inactivity.
So I did choose a miniature of the other end of the wargaming scale to get back into shape (and I must admit I'm a bit rusty when it comes to painting techniques). The miniature would be like a Goddess to my 15mm people, as it towers over their largest tank with her 54mm.

Recently I discovered Terragnosis (, a small starting company with some nice 54mm miniatures at a decent price. They have a game called Ruination, where heros are pitted against each other and can gather recourses on the battlefield to gain the edge. Reading the rules it seems like a fun game. You can also use a wide range of dice in the game, even the more exotic ones like the d14, d16, d24, ...

This miniature is called Alina. To be honest, at first I wasn't so sure about the miniature. Her pose is strange, as if she is posing to be painted or something like that. And the piece of cloth that covers her butt isn't part of the bodice and seems to be only there to, well to cover her butt.
At first I didn't notice, but when I started painted her I found out there was a miscast, a part of her loincloth wasn't there. I did a quick fix with some green putty, but as she was already painted in the area you can still spot is easily.

 I have to admit, the 'berserker black' studio colour scheme isn't really something I would choose, as I imagine her more as a ranger or something like that.


She took me almost as long as three units of 15mm soldiers, and she is far from perfect. But I'm done now as she is. Perhaps I do her again later, as I had some conversion ideas (thinking about one of my Skyrim characters) before I started painting.

That's all folks, thanks for reading!