Saturday 22 November 2014

The Lion King saga continues


Here's a quick update of the progress I'm making for my Lion King themed force for Briskars.

This little guy is actually calles Marten, but he will be Timon in my force.
His snout is still very rat-like, but I decided not to change it as it would simply be too much for my limited sculpting skill.

As a deserter from his meerkat colony I wanted his clothing to look a bit like a uniform.
I applied some weathering powder to his trousers to make him look like a crawled trough the dirt.
Like Nala, I also gave him a tail, just because I liked him to have one.

I hope you like him.
Even with a different lamp, he still looks a bit yellow.

Thank you for reading.



Wednesday 12 November 2014

Briskars, a 54mm game

After another long absence I have finally something to show again.
This time it's a 54mm game I picked up at Crisis this year.
Briskars is a fun and fast 54mm scale skirmish game with a lot of character and rpg elements.
There are a lot of options you can choose from about what you can do in a turn, like a kick, head-butt, attack or even throw your opponent or pick up and move scenery.
Even in defense, you have the option to simply take the hit, dodge or counter-attack.
Which makes it quite a fun and tactical game.
The limited number of models needed (there are 3 in most starters and you need about 4-5 for a standard game) also makes it possible for each Briskar to do a lot of actions in a turn, depending on how much action points they have.
The rules and cards can be downloaded for free from the website:
A word of warning though. The game is originally in French game and the translation isn't perfect, as is often the case with those smaller gaming companies.
As for the miniatures, I found the resin they are using to be very brittle.
The handguard of the swordhandle had broken of in the packaging and while removing the flash the staff also snapped in two.
I mailed them because of these issues and TGCM said they are looking for a better material and that they were already aware of the problem.
I hope they master the casting procedures in the nearby future, as there were a lot of mould lines, some were hard to remove and I even noticed I missed some while painting.
This may all sound a bit negative, but the miniatures were a lot of fun to paint and I look forward to paint more.
As for my Briskars, the moment I got them in my hand I decided to do a themed clan.
The theme I choose is a bit silly, I know, but it kind of fits them.
Here's my first memebers of the King's Rock clan (based on the Lion King ;)).
Madog (aka Pumbaa)

Zhan Bao (aka Nala)

Nala was converted a bit, as the miniature had bulging eyes I didn't like and I wanted t make her look more like a lioness.
Seeing the artwork of their upcoming Maoks faction (felines), I noticed they all had tails while Zhan Bao didn't even have much of a bum. So I added some volume to her rear-robes and gave her something to swat some flies with.
Overal I'm quit happy with them, although they look a bit yellowish in the pictures, must be the light.

Well, that's it for now, got to take care of my argueing children :).

Thanks for watching!