Friday 28 August 2015

A birthday gift


For my birthday last Tuesday, my wife decided to give me a decent macro camera lens for the camera she actually owns.
Well, it is her hobby as the only pictures I usually take are ones from my miniatures.

With a little bit of free time I decided to test the lens out on some older (apart from ones from Bushido, which I took to see the difference between these and the ones I took with my phone) miniatures of mine.
These were painted back in the day when I had no kids yet and a lot of time (less responsibilities too, both at work and at home).
The pictures were taken using natural daylight, so they ended up a bit dark.

First up is Anima Tactics, a game we used to play a lot and I have a lot of, both painted and unpainted, miniatures for.

Next the ones from Bushido, old and new.
A bit dark, but with sharper details. I should take out my lightbox though.

 Freebooter's Fate next:

And Malifaux, ...
Both Malifaux and the following pictures were painted at what I still consider the peak of my painting skill.

Relic Knights, a Noh berserker I used to play with colours on.
This is a metal with resin miniature which was available long before they released their Kickstarter.

 And just to see how far I could go, a 15mm miniature for my sci-fi SCS army:

Funny enough, it looks a bit like a trip through time.
It's not I haven't anything new to show, but it is still WIP.
All I can see is I took a little break from assembling tanks and gears.
Thank you for reading!

Thursday 20 August 2015

Seeking shelter


I haven't been doing a lot of painting the past week.
The major reason being a serieus lack of concentration due to sleep deprivation.
Recently both my youngest and middle son have developed the habit to wake up at night, waking me and my wife. This in combination with the mosquitoes buzzing around my head at night results in a permanent headache during daytime hours.

It is not I haven't done a thing though.
Miniatures is fine, but I also need some terrain on the table.
Cleaning and gluing stuff together isn't the hardest thing, and soon I had some domes from Ion Age and barracks from GzG on 80mm bases, ready for an undercoat.

So here's the result of a whole week of labour ;).

Now I only need to paint them.

Thank you for reading!


Tuesday 11 August 2015

Taking the lead

At last I finished my 50TV for my Southern force.
It took me a bit longer than expected because I was a few days away for work, celebrated our wedding anniversary and my wife's birthday, all in one week ;-).
Well, 50TV down, up to the next wave.
I actually have next 50TV planned already and assembled most of my CEF.
As my friend and regular opponent really want to start using his Black Talons, my south will be on hold for a little while.
The idea is to first learn the basic rules (without most of the EW rules) with my South and CEF and then learn the EW rules with EW (ECM, ECCM, TD, ...) heavy troops, something the Black Talons excel at with their owls.

The commander is actually a Christmas exclusive on a base I ripped from a Warrior IV chieftain from the PRDF.
As it is part of a destroyed hun, the commander looks a bit as if wants revenge for the destruction of his material :-).
 Group shot:
Some more hover tanks next time.
Thank you for reading!