Sunday, 4 May 2014

Snapping grishak


My painting rate really is going up last month, as here are my two other painted grishak.
These were really fun to paint, and I did them in just a few hours, another quick paint job.
I like the sculpt, they have so much character and it is easy to make them look good.
Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

The one standing with his mouth open looked as if he was defending his food against other predators or perhaps others of his pack. So I added a piece of meat on his base.
As there are only two sets of legs and two bodies I tried to add some variety already, otherwise they are all going to look the same.

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Is it a bird, is it a plane ...?

NO! It's Pink Fire!

Okay, yesterday I had a day off and sat behind my painting desk and felt a bit bored by my current projects.
Then I noticed some Crossover miniatures, I recently received as part of my KS pledge, on top of my unpainted miniatures pile and started assembling these.
My head flooded with ideas and colour schemes and before I even noticed I started painting the first in a colour I rarely use: pink, I'm still puzzled why.
Superhero's and the like are most often not my cup of tea, but still I enjoyed painting her.
The miniatures aren't overly detailed and all come with three different heads, these are actually interchangeable so there is a lot of variety.

Anyway, the colour therapy worked as I happily worked on my two other grishak today.

Here's the background I came up with for Pink Girl:
When a meteor fell down near her hometown, a lot of cosmic dust came along with it.
She tells everyone she got her superpowers when she came into contact with the dust.
However, since she is a bit of a drug-addict, most people believe she actually sniffed or injected it.
This hasn't stopped many from trying to replicate the effects though. But something else must have happened, because so far none was able to get the any effect at all.

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Some progress and something to look forward to


Here's another update. I didn't get a lot painting done since last time, but decided to share anyway.

Here's a grishak for my World of Twilight Devanu force. Just two more to go and I have a playable force for the Devanu.
The painting scheme isn't mine to be honest. I saw it on Laughing Ferret's blog and immediately knew this was what I wanted too.
Laughing Ferret's (  grishak are much better painted ;). I only changed it a bit, as I want to do a large horde of them I went for a quick paintjob, that I could easily do many times over.

Something new and also a thing I look forward to is another Crowdfunder for Relics.
I recently got interested in the Nuem and the rules and ordered two starter sets, which arrived today.

The Nuem are a bit larger than I expected, as I was envisioned them to be of a dwarf like height.
What I really like about the Britanians is the way the miniatures can be assembled. The troopers have seperate heads and guns which all look different and the officer has a large variety of hands.
The overal quality is very good and the miniatures look very different from the usual steampunk/fantasy settings out there.


I never heard of Gamingfunder though, so I have no idea what to expect.
Let's just hope they accept PayPal.
They also have a pre-funder compettion where you can get a free knight if you enter and win 50% of your pledge back.

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