Thursday 19 December 2019

Meddling in forces unknown

Hello Everyone,

After a few weeks doing some commission painting, volunteering work and soliciting for new jobs I finally got some time to finish a project for myself. These cultists have been sitting on my desk for quite a while. Originally I bought them for Dracula’s America, but I abandoned the project shortly after I aqcuired a few forces, the main reason being the terrain.

While I consider them a part of my undead forces, they may find themselves summoning all kinds of eldritch horrors in the future too. In Rangers of Shadow Deep they’re going to represent my Gnolls. I’ve never been a huge fan of having an amalgamation of all kinds of fantasy creatures and I prefer to have one all-encompassing threat. For Rangers of Shadow Deep these are going to be my Death Cultists, who are dabbling in the arts of Necromancy, oblivious to the horror they’re unleashing upon the world and the ever-expanding miasma of undead energy (the shadow deep). As a result, most of my monsters are either going to be animals, changed by the shadow deep, or undead constructs the cultists created. 

I decided to give convert the models I got from RPE and give them similar hoods to the ones I got from Khurasan. A few of them were holding rifles, but luckily it wasn’t hard to transform these into crossbows. The ones with the candlesticks are going to be my sergeants.

You will probably notice that I used two different types of bases, this is mostly because the Khurasan models are a bit smaller than the ones from Demonworld and I wanted to reduce the difference in height this way. 

The paintjobs and conversions are a bit rushed, but they’re usable in my opinion, so I’m probably not going to make any changes. One thing I would like to add are some regular archers, once I found suitable models.

A Magister/Necromancer with his mummified pet rat


Cutists with hand weapons

Crossbow wielding cultists


Thank you for reading! With another commission already waiting on my desk I'm probably going to be busy the next few weeks. So happy holidays to all of you!