Monday 4 May 2020

Alien bounty hunters

Hello everyone,

The holidays are once again over, me and my family even managed to sneak out of the house for a week and enjoy a short break at the beach.
Before our leave and the start of term 2, I spend some time trying to reduce my extensive backlog of partially painted models and also played a few Rogue Planet skirmishes with my two eldest sons and we had a lot of fun.
Needless to say this has given me an extra incentive to paint some more sci-fi models.

About 5 years back I decided to get into AE bounty and bought some models to play the game. As so often happened (and happens), the project got shelved and many of the models were never finished. Looking back at the brushwork that I had done back then, it seems like I was in a hurry and made some strange decisions regarding the colour schemes.
While there was a strong urge to strip and repaint them, I decided not to. I would never get through my lead mountain If I went down that route.
So, all I did was some touching up, painted the base in the same wasteland colour as the rest of my models and corrected some obvious mistakes.

The first guy was nearly done and it didn't take me long to get him ready for a game.

Another bounty hunter, with a glowing plasma gun this time. 

The next three were already completely finished. However, like I said: "mistakes were made".
Not only did all three of them have the same dark brown skin-tone (no clue why I painted them like this anymore), the one on the left also had a completely monotone blue-grey armour.
Luckily, nothing I couldn't solve with the use of some washes and a fast repaint. 

And lastly, the boss, nothing new here except for a repaint of the base and the removal of some static grass (which was incredible hard to do).

Pretty sure this is a Star Wars Micro Machines model from one of their interactive terrain sets, which is a little bit bigger (closer to 20mm scale probably), but close enough for me to use him in 15mm. 
He's perfect for a number of roles such as a noble, rich merchant, mob boss or even a religious figure of note.

Ready for some more Rogue Planet, Traveller, 5 Parsecs, Gunstorm or who knows what else. 

Thank you for reading!