Sunday 7 July 2013

Who needs another hero?

Here's my second miniature for Ruination, the 54mm game.

This is Dahlia the sorceress. She changed a lot while I painted her. Given the fact that she is so wispy, wears an evening dress (with skulls and the whole lot) and that her opponent in the battlebox is wielding a massive crossbow, I started painting her up as a vampire with a black dress.
But for some unknown reason, I wasn't satisfied with the colour scheme and she started reminding me of the 'Conan' RPG that I once played.
In the game there are these magic users who serve demons in order to gain power fast.
Dahlia's imp, and the fact that he is holding a scroll (a contract written in blood no doubt) probably changed my view about her. Given the fact that there are a lot of animal skulls on her, I started imagining her as a sorceress from the black kingdoms.

I tried something different with her shoes and gloves and made an attempt to paint snakeskin.
It didn't turn out as I wanted, but it looks good from a distance :).
Her dress is something I'm still not sure about, perhaps I should have tried leopard spots, ...
The fact that the photo is a bit fussy comes from the fact that I tried to varnish her while painting. Something that I will not try again.

I hope you like her.

Thanks for looking!