Wednesday 23 April 2014

Predator on the prowl


Here's a quick update from my painting table.
Last night I finished  painting another World of Twilight miniature: A Devanu Sempa (a female).

I tried something different for the base this time, as I wanted her to look as if she erupted from the forest to assail her prey. I'm also still pondering if I should put moss on the fallen tree.
I didn't as I'm afraid it would make the whole too green.

Thank you for reading.


Saturday 19 April 2014

A fresh start

All right, I decided to make some changes to this blog, so it reflects my current interests better.
As it isn't just about 15mm anymore I gave the blog a more appropriate name.

It is also a bit of fun title for me, as my professional title is SPE (Small Project Team Engineer).
But since I like skirmish games a lot, it seems to fit perfectly for my hobby status as well.

Here's some pictures of my latest projects:

First is World of Twilight, a fun little game and a true gem in the gaming world.
Both the miniatures and the gaming system are really unique and have a bit of a savage and fairytale feel at the same time.
I was already following the game for a while, but jumped in when they released their kickstarter about a month ago.
The miniatures below where ordered at Hasslefree to see the quality and size of them before the kickstarter ended. I also used them to try out colour schemes, so the paint may look a bit strange at some places.

Here are the pictures of my first painted mini's:

 This one is an Enuk Nobilis, a herding animal. The fluff says they are all owned by the Emperor of the Fubarnii (yes, the names are something you have to get used to) and are given to nobles and knights as tokens of honour. I plan to create a small herd of these and do some small conversions.

This one is an engineer with a derak (the blunderbuss).

Second up is Wolsung from Micro-art studio.
When my friend and I visited Spiel last year, we played a demo and were almost immediately hooked.
We decided to buy the two player starter set with the Triad of Lotus Dragon for me (even though I already had some miniatures for the Ash and Oak Club and the Inventors Club) and the Inventors Club for my friend.
I am still tinkering with some steampunk terrain for them, but in the meantime some old cardboard Mordheim terrain will do.
My only bad remark about the starterbox is that officially you can only field four of the five miniatures in it, and they are a bit of a one trick pony.
Which means I was totally trashed in all three games we played. Time to paint up some more.
Again it is a game with a very refreshing set of rules and the miniatures are very cool too.

 Phoenix and a shade

I'm also dabbling a bit in the Heavy Gear universe and trying out some colour schemes for my South and North.
The reason? They have published their newest Alpha rules which seem a lot easier  to use than their previous set of rules. On top of that, I really like their miniatures and have some laying around for years. But they are a bit of a pain to put together (positioning is many times very restricted  and they are all at least 6 pieces each)
They are 12mm and I like to play with them on a Dropzone Commander city board, as well as the forest/jungle/swamp terrain I'm putting together for Freebooter's Fate and most likely World of Twilight and Anima Tactics as well.

That's it for now.
Thanks for reading!


Wednesday 16 April 2014


Hello all!

It's been a while since my last post.
Partly because I played a lot of computer games and spend little time painting (Xcom: enemy within and Dragon age I and II).

At Spiel in Essen I picked up Wolsung with my friend and started painting the starter set so we could play some games. The game Iis really good and has some refreshing mechanics.
Recently I also started painting some World of Twilight minis as I backed the kickstarter and wanted to try out some colour schemes.
Which means I've it been doing 28mm since december.

Anyway, it's been too long.
So, why this post you might ask, as I have nothing to show for after all this time.
Well, there is another KS I'm backing which may put me back on track:

The description also reminded me we still have to try out Gruntz. Which has been planned and postponed a couple of times.

This blog isn't dead yet ;)

Thanks for reading!