Friday, 2 May 2014

Some progress and something to look forward to


Here's another update. I didn't get a lot painting done since last time, but decided to share anyway.

Here's a grishak for my World of Twilight Devanu force. Just two more to go and I have a playable force for the Devanu.
The painting scheme isn't mine to be honest. I saw it on Laughing Ferret's blog and immediately knew this was what I wanted too.
Laughing Ferret's (  grishak are much better painted ;). I only changed it a bit, as I want to do a large horde of them I went for a quick paintjob, that I could easily do many times over.

Something new and also a thing I look forward to is another Crowdfunder for Relics.
I recently got interested in the Nuem and the rules and ordered two starter sets, which arrived today.

The Nuem are a bit larger than I expected, as I was envisioned them to be of a dwarf like height.
What I really like about the Britanians is the way the miniatures can be assembled. The troopers have seperate heads and guns which all look different and the officer has a large variety of hands.
The overal quality is very good and the miniatures look very different from the usual steampunk/fantasy settings out there.


I never heard of Gamingfunder though, so I have no idea what to expect.
Let's just hope they accept PayPal.
They also have a pre-funder compettion where you can get a free knight if you enter and win 50% of your pledge back.

Thanks for Reading!


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