Saturday, 3 May 2014

Is it a bird, is it a plane ...?

NO! It's Pink Fire!

Okay, yesterday I had a day off and sat behind my painting desk and felt a bit bored by my current projects.
Then I noticed some Crossover miniatures, I recently received as part of my KS pledge, on top of my unpainted miniatures pile and started assembling these.
My head flooded with ideas and colour schemes and before I even noticed I started painting the first in a colour I rarely use: pink, I'm still puzzled why.
Superhero's and the like are most often not my cup of tea, but still I enjoyed painting her.
The miniatures aren't overly detailed and all come with three different heads, these are actually interchangeable so there is a lot of variety.

Anyway, the colour therapy worked as I happily worked on my two other grishak today.

Here's the background I came up with for Pink Girl:
When a meteor fell down near her hometown, a lot of cosmic dust came along with it.
She tells everyone she got her superpowers when she came into contact with the dust.
However, since she is a bit of a drug-addict, most people believe she actually sniffed or injected it.
This hasn't stopped many from trying to replicate the effects though. But something else must have happened, because so far none was able to get the any effect at all.

Thanks for reading!

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