Friday, 28 August 2015

A birthday gift


For my birthday last Tuesday, my wife decided to give me a decent macro camera lens for the camera she actually owns.
Well, it is her hobby as the only pictures I usually take are ones from my miniatures.

With a little bit of free time I decided to test the lens out on some older (apart from ones from Bushido, which I took to see the difference between these and the ones I took with my phone) miniatures of mine.
These were painted back in the day when I had no kids yet and a lot of time (less responsibilities too, both at work and at home).
The pictures were taken using natural daylight, so they ended up a bit dark.

First up is Anima Tactics, a game we used to play a lot and I have a lot of, both painted and unpainted, miniatures for.

Next the ones from Bushido, old and new.
A bit dark, but with sharper details. I should take out my lightbox though.

 Freebooter's Fate next:

And Malifaux, ...
Both Malifaux and the following pictures were painted at what I still consider the peak of my painting skill.

Relic Knights, a Noh berserker I used to play with colours on.
This is a metal with resin miniature which was available long before they released their Kickstarter.

 And just to see how far I could go, a 15mm miniature for my sci-fi SCS army:

Funny enough, it looks a bit like a trip through time.
It's not I haven't anything new to show, but it is still WIP.
All I can see is I took a little break from assembling tanks and gears.
Thank you for reading!