Thursday, 20 August 2015

Seeking shelter


I haven't been doing a lot of painting the past week.
The major reason being a serieus lack of concentration due to sleep deprivation.
Recently both my youngest and middle son have developed the habit to wake up at night, waking me and my wife. This in combination with the mosquitoes buzzing around my head at night results in a permanent headache during daytime hours.

It is not I haven't done a thing though.
Miniatures is fine, but I also need some terrain on the table.
Cleaning and gluing stuff together isn't the hardest thing, and soon I had some domes from Ion Age and barracks from GzG on 80mm bases, ready for an undercoat.

So here's the result of a whole week of labour ;).

Now I only need to paint them.

Thank you for reading!



  1. There's nothing worse than a consistent lack of sleep, not a bad week of progress all things considered :)

    1. As most of the building are either very easy to assemble or a one piece resin model, there was luckily little time needed to assemble them.
      I'm having a holiday this week and I'm better rested now :).

  2. They look great with the DP9 minis!

    1. I think so too. The scale is a bit off (12mm HG compared to 15mm), but it doesn't really bother me.

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