Friday, 26 October 2012

New to this

It took ,me a while. But after surfing around a lot and visiting other people's blogspots I decided to start my own. Recently, me and a friend, started with a 15mm project.
This after many years of 28mm wargames. We played and still play a lot of different games: Warmachine, WH40K, Anima Tactics, Malifaux, Infinity, Freebooters Fate to name a few.
So it might be possible that this blog isn't about 15mm at all from time to time.

So, why start with 15mm. The reasons are simple:
1. We are busy people with little time to paint and 15mm paints so much faster.
2. Trying something new. And the idea of picking the mini's that we like from any manufacturer is something that really got us started.
3. I saw the Demon models from Khurasan and was hooked.

About the project, our goal is simple: Try as many game systems as we can find and select the one that suits us best. First up is Tomorrow's War from Ambush Alley Games.
I started with an Neo-Sovjet force and my friend with an army based on the Rebel miniatures Titan marines. Which he still hasn't named yet (so, Bram if you are reading this: hint, hint ;)).
But since I liked more difference in our respective forces, I switched to an insurgent force. Saving my Sovjets for later. Of course I also started gathering some space Demons.
To field them I really need some anti-tank weapons, so I started a conversion to create a larger creature.
The creature is an old Rezolution model. That I'm going to make more 'Alien'.
Here's some of my Neo-Sovjets. With a gigantic walker... I was lazy I know and bought an old prepainted Rackham Yaga. In front of it are some Spetsnatz troops.
 This is a group shot of my Neo-Sovjet leader, military advisor and aid/driver.
 And some civilians in front of bunker 18 (from Brigade models). They are a mix of GZG, Khurasan an A lot more are on their way, and I mean a lot.

Space out for now.



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