Saturday 2 March 2013

Stranded in the badlands

Yesterday my friend and I had a battle after a long break. At first we decided on AE bounty. But because none of us was able to finish reading through the rules, we played Tomorrow's War instead.

The scenario is simpel:
A small family had a crash in the badlands and are waiting for help to arrive. But unknown to them is that there lurk some creatures with big appetites in this barren land. At first I thought about making it a night scenario. But with such a small board I'm glad I didn't.

As you can see the family is right in the middle with their crashed car. And it started as such a nice day for them.
The Wolf Brigade troopers didn't take any chances and started firing at the Aliens as soon as they got them in sight. Spilling the first (acid) blood.
After that both the rescue team and Aliens sped forward. When the Family spotted them, they froze into place, perfect! With their limited intellect, they knew however that the other food would run if they killed them right there, so they ignored them. Going for the approaching Wolf squad instead.
Some more shots were fired, but when the queen assaulted one team, they didn't stand a chance.
The other team took advantage of the confusion and shot the last intervening Aliens at their side down and urged the family to follow them.
Unfortunately for them I won reaction and charged the troopers as they were running for safety.
Both my queen and the last group of Aliens that I had succeeded in the roll and massacred the last living food.

This was the first time we used close combat in TW, and the first time with an irregular force against a regular as well. The board was heavy on terrain and that, together with some lucky dice rolls (like the family who all three froze into place and some 'Hard to Kill' rolls for my queen), was most likely the downfall of the Wolf Brigade. The defensive fire rule is really realistic and makes you think twice about rushing in. If this were a scenario at night, the rescue team wouldn't have had a chance. Now I think it was about even. As the terrain also blocked my line of sight and stopped me from taking more reactions and blocked charge lanes.

It was fun! That's it for now, thanks for reading!

Logging out

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