Monday, 25 February 2013

something old and something new


Again it's been a while. Keeping track of my progress with this blog. I realise how slow a painter I really am.
Anyway, as always I'm never content with one project. Always looking for the next best thing.

So for something old, I painted up some more insurgents. Two medics, two engineers, a SAW and a rocket launcher. Next up are my leaders and another SAW. When these are ready, we can play the first scenario. Hope I don't get sidetracked by vehicles or something
 else :-).

My leaders are going to be converted, as I want them to look different.
I'm thinking about trenchcoats, simple and effective.

Now for something new. I read some reviews of AE bounty and I must say that it looks very promising to me. While I'm a fan of Necromunda and Mordheim, I find these games also a bit unbalanced. So I wonder if AE bounty avoids this by not having a point based system.
I like Ghost in the shell a lot, so I'll probably start a team based on section 9. Here's a figure of the Major, whose look I want to (or at least try to) copy to a 15mm miniature.
I've also got the Serenity crew from GZG and some extra-terrestials.

That's it for now, thanks for reading.

Logging of!

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