Thursday, 6 July 2017

Solid support

Yesterday when I got home, my two oldest sons had a gift for me.
Jonathan, my eldest, had seen me using pebbles on my terrain pieces and he and his eldest brother had spend some of their free time at the day-care, where they stay during the school holiday, to search for some rocks.
They presented these to me proudly and asked if I could do 'something' with these.
It's probably unnecessary to say I was moved and a bit surprised. Even though I had talked to them about playing a game, this was the first time they decided to get themselves actually involved in one of my hobbies.
With a day off, I decided to see how far they were prepared to go and we sat around the table building terrain.
It was lovely to see their enthousiasm as they glued rocks together, added sand and flock and painting (under my guidance off course).
In the end I added some final touches and, ...
This is the result:

Not only are these great (and cheap) terrain pieces which models can use as cover or climb upon, they also come with a story and personal touch, which will hopefully help to keep them interested in the game for a long time to come. 

Thanks a lot for reading!



  1. Thanks a lot Michal!
    The biggest challenge was to keep their attention in between drying times.
    I knew the moment their attention slipped, it would be over. They van be very impatient.
    Which is why the little tree is in the pictures. I had it previously done with a different kind of flock and as I wanted to use it with the rest of the terrain I had my oldest son removing the old grass with a toothbrush 😁.

  2. That's great, congratulations. As you say, it's not just the terrain pieces themselves, but what they represent to you and your children. Simple pieces? Maybe, but they open a door to a full universe. I hope they keep on interested on this!

    1. Thanks a lot Suber! Yeah, that's kind of my wish too. I've always been jealous when reading blog reports of gamers having some hobby with wife and kids. I don't think I'll get my wife into the hobby, but my kids seem to like it. Afterwards they started asking if they could paint miniatures, so the next step is already there.

  3. Creative and beautiful job, love this terrain!

  4. Excellent work Wouter. :) And well done to your sons!

    Thanks Wouter. :)

    On another matter, do you care to drop me an email at: kitbashgames at gmail dotcom

    Thanks, Leon.

  5. Thank you Leon.
    Since this terrain build session we've also done a second rocky outcrop and as they like it so much they keep on bringing home some rocks 😁.

    Will do by the way.

  6. That was a nice surprise from your boys. Should be some fun gaming in the future if they take interest. I have fond memories of wargames and RPGs with my Dad.

    1. Yeah, sure was. Since then we had some more rocky builds together.
      Thanks a lot for the comment Rod.