Sunday, 16 December 2012

Slow progress

Hey I'm back!
It took me a while to post this update. Mostly because its so busy at work and in my private life that I  have almost no time to paint. Luckily I've got a lovely wife who gives me some time off.
This weekend I was finally able to finish some miniatures that were near completion anyway.

Rather than starting some on something new I also took the time to paint the bases of some bought terrain.
I'm certainly not a terrain Guru and don't like spending to much time on it. So when I need something I buy it and paint it if necessary as I lack the time and patience to build it myself.
The shown terrain is from Battlefield in a box, at first I thought it was a bit too red, but after painting the base to match my table (which I did paint myself a few years ago, before I had kids) I found the red a nice change of colour. I'll probably repaint my existing terrain to match this badlands terrain from GF9.

Here are my Mobile Suits. They are a bit rushed and won't be winning any beauty contests, but I think they turned out OK. Now I only have to add their weapons and finished!
As their bases are a bit large I'm thinking about adding some crystals or rocks, but haven't really decided yet.

These are my vehicles so far. I finished another scout car, with a missile launcher this time.
Three cars that are capable of transport, so my small force suddenly gains some mobility.

Here's a picture of my badlands terrain. Just to show the colour differences.
I'm not so sure about the crystals, they are too glossy. Perhaps those from GF9 are better.

Now, another hectic week and the holidays are there! Finally some time to finish more troops.

Logging out for now!

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