Sunday 11 November 2012

Busy at work

Well, it has been a very hectic week at work. So much to do and so little time. I barely found any time to paint.

What I finished were just 5 mini's for the irregular tier of my army.

Not the best paintjob or photography, but I guess I did ok.
These are the first 5 of 10, but I guess you get the idea. I used Wasteland warriors from 'The Scene'. The miniatures are brilliant and I was not sure how to pait them at first, so much detail.
What I really like is also how versatile these are. They could easily be a 15mm Goliath gang for Necromunda or feature as a road warrior gang for Savage Worlds Hell on Earth.
By the way, I did the chessboard design on the one above as a sort of homage to the original WH40K spaceorks.

Next up are some more of these guys and some zombie-survivors that I'm going to paint up as Indians.

Greetings from the edge of sleep.

Over and out

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