Wednesday, 25 March 2015

World of Twilight february challenge, ... oh wait, it's already march

Hello everyone,

I can think of at least a dozen excuses why I didn't finish my Delgon for the february challenge.
But the bottom line is that I got distracted by a lot of things.
Halfway through february I suddenly started painting my Frenu, instead of finishing the Delgon I started. The monotonous colour scheme I chose for my Delgon was probably the biggest factor.
Followed by some Relics miniatures, which I bought at least a year ago.
I dug these up after seeing some on Brummies blog.
To make matters worse I also received a message shortly after, saying my Gamingfunder reward for Relics was on it's way.
Distracted again ... one of my most terrible flaws indeed ;).

For my Delgon I wanted my force to look as if they were fitted with mass manufactered weapons, armour and clothing. So I used my metalic paints instead of NMM and went for a soft leather look on the sleeves and trousers. During wartime they probably don't bother a lot with dying the leather.
I also remembered seeing drawings of the first humans in winter, wearing soft leathers to protect them against the biting cold. Could also be useful in the Setir mountains, where the Delgon live.

Still working on Obal, Gohral and Roban. If I get these finished I only have to do Plutom's mechanicals to have all of my Delgon painted.
I do need some more KalGarkii (common footsoldiers) though, as right now I have more bodyguards than common soldiers. I also need some more KalMalog (Mechanized cyborg like soldiers), so I can play every scenario.

Kind regards


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