Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Last entry for the World of Twilight painting challenge this month


Here's my last entry for the January painting challenge.

To be honest, I had hoped to get more miniatures done, but work and family keep interfering :).
I had actually planned to do my grishak horde, but it would have been very monotonous painting, so I switched to other miniatures.
But, I did make some progress and I'm not entirely disappointed by the number of miniatures I managed to finish.

Right now I have an unfinished Kelahn on my painting desk, that I had hoped to show together with the Devanu handler. But now he'll probably be part of the Devanu Outcasts when I get them done.

Birds, snakes and some lizards often have transition between a hatchling and adult stage. With feathers or skin showing both stages at once. I tried to do the same for my jenta handler. With cream white legs, from his hatchling stage, to a darker green on his back.
He also wears some grishak skins to blend in with the pack.



The kosok is painted as a sempa, so with less colourful wings compared to the kopa.

And some group shots!

Thanks for reading!




  1. They all look great. I'm with you on showing some progression through the life cycle in the paint jobs.

    My particular favourite is the grishak who has jumped up on the rock, appeals to me.

    Seeing your different photo boards just highlights I need to work on a few more for myself though :)

  2. Thanks a lot!
    As I have a lot of duplicate miniatures I try to add some variation by adding differences in the bases.