Thursday, 15 January 2015

World of Twilight painting challenge and other stuff


Here I am again, with just a little progress.
During the holidays I spend the little free time I had sculpting my Exiled king (Simba) for Briskars.
Quite a challenge, as it is the largest thing I have sculpted so far. He isn't finished yet, but will have to wait for a while, as I'm very busy painting World of Twilight miniatures during the spare time I have left. So here's the WIP.

In theory he is a mercenary (with Baxter's profile), and I'm going to add him to either my Maoks or Exiled, but the idea is to give him an oriental look like the other Maoks.
Baxter's club will be replaced by a tesubo and I want to add a straw hat.

Mike from World of Twilight has launched a painting challenge/competion to help backers get their kickstarter mini's painted and I decided to jump in.
My first idea was to get all my grishak done, but progress is slow so far. That's why I started with some expansion forces, so I have at least something to show with.
A devanu kopa from the basic set was still sitting on my desk when I had finally finished Arak Katain, and I felt a bit guilty I hadn't finished him first. While he can't compete in the challenge, I painted him up anyway, so my starter is finished at last.

For Arak Katain, I wanted a different skin-colour, as he comes from the Argoran wastes instead.
I also wanted his kosok to stand out and decided to give him some flashy wings.
The wings didn't work out as I wanted, but as I'm running out of time they will have to do.
Part of why I wanted some brightly coloured wings was because I see the kosok as a kopa.
It has always amazed me how different some male birds and amphibians are compared to their female counterparts, as if they are a whole different species.

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