Saturday 6 December 2014

A game of Briskars

Yesterday we had our second game of Briskars.
Truth to be told, it didn't went that well even though I employed different tactics compared to our first game. Our first game was a disaster for me too, but I played quite offensive that time, so I went on the defense in this clash.

The setup:
 First turn comes to an end with only some movement on both sides. Madog and Marten hiding behind a small tent and Zhao ready for a countercharge when needed.
The Thuleen hunter shot at Marten, hitting hard. Madog used obey so Marten could shoot back, but he rolled a Critical Failure.
Madog decided to shoot the Thuleen hunter himself after Marten missed, but failed to hit the hunter too.
The other hunter shot Marten in retun, almost killing him.
Marten shot the first hunter again in his own turn and managed to do some damage.
 The Thuleen leader charged Madog and did some massive damage.
 Zhao rushed to her leader's (Madog) aid, but the Thuleen leader dodged away.
When the Thuleen trapper also joined the fray, Zhao managed to dodge aside as well.
 What follows is the part which made me quit, The Thuleen leader hit Madog again and brought him down with a critical hit.
With Marten having to roll for morale before every activation and most likely to be put down at the start of next turn, I had only one member of my clan left, against four opponents. Time to retreat!
Right now I'm a bit at loss on how to handle my opponents Thuleens.
They are faster, hit harder and have an extra member in their group. It almost feels like I'm playing with a 100 coin handicap.
Comparing our leaders, we noticed his leader has almost the same stats, but is faster, has slightly less hitpoints but wears armour. And oh, he hits like a stormram, bringing down Madog with two hits (three without a CH) is a feat none of my members are capable of.
Madog on the other hand has a ranged attack, but if this is worth 10 more points we are not sure.
Looking at the other briskars we especially feel the extra clan member and the fact his hunters don't have to reload are some major advantages.
These are not really complaints, but we just were trying to figure out how things could go so wrong.
Perhaps I need to bring some other briskars to the field next time ...

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  1. Nice looking game! Simple but beautiful table...

  2. Thanks a lot! The table is still under construction, so we had to do with the 54mm terrain I already have.