Friday, 19 June 2015

Something wicked this ways comes

I just noticed my previous post was actually my 50th one. Perhaps I should have done something special :-). But in the end, it is just a number.
Although I have kind off treated myself with a present.

After many years depending on natural daylight and my painting LED light, I decided to invest in a foldable light box.
Nothing special or expensive, but I hope it will help me to take better pictures.
The next step is a better camera, as I still depend on my smartphone to do the job, but a macro lens will probably yield much better results. But this is something which will hurt my wallet a lot for the moment.
My Wraith below is actually the first miniature to visit the box. But I still need to find the optimal placement for the lights and all. Perhaps I need to place an overhead lamp as well to reduce the shadows more.

Earlier this week, it became clear I wasn't going to finish Araka on time, meaning before Friday.
The main reason I chose too many colours to paint him with.
So I shifted my focus to my partially painted Wraith.
As I don't really like the official paintjob on him, I started searching for alternate colour schemes.
My first idea was to either do him in blood red or bright green with black armour.
A bit like this:
But looking at the rest of my Cult, both colour schemes would look out of place between my other gloomy miniatures. 
In the end, I decided to go a bit more ghostly, ... and I'm happy that I did as I think he is my best painted Bushido miniature so far.

What do you think?
The light box sure helped a lot with taking the pictures, but as you can see there are still some disturbing shadows.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Very cool!

    I have exactly that same light box just always forget to use the bugger haha

  2. Thank you Richard!

    The light box is an import from the UK, so it probably is sold a lot there. The downside for me was the fact that the lights are connecting to the electrical net with a British plugin, so I had to buy an adaptor.
    But I'm still very pleased with it.

  3. I've got a little light box (Foldio) I got through Kickstarter a year ago, it's fairly handy (it's a little small for more than a few minis) to have when I can't get the weather to play nice when I want to take a few shots.

    Another nice looking mini too :)

    1. :) Thanks!
      Yes, the box is a bit small. But as I paint one figure at a time anyway it doesn't really bother me (yet).

  4. Wouter, you are supposed to put the lights facing the box on the left and right side so it diffuses into the box, removing the shadows. try that :) I use my daylight lamp to diffuse into mine from the top. I've got sort of the same one from the discount store, but haven't used it for over a year (as I have not painted for over a year :P )

    1. That's a great tip, thanks a lot!
      I'll definitely try that setup out next time.

  5. Very nice work Wouter. I like them both a lot. :)