Tuesday, 16 June 2015

When it rains ...

Painting wise it has been a terrible week, and on top of that I'm late with my post.

Real life has kept me extremely busy the previous week, with me applying for a new job, doing a job interview and getting turned down almost immediately; Having to prepare a training course all on my own because my colleague got sick and in the end hearing next week’s Bushido tourney got cancelled because there are too few participants.

Last Friday was also my eldest son's 5th birthday, and while this isn't a bad thing it did take a lot of my painting time this weekend.

I actually finished Gengo last Thursday, but didn't have the time to take any pictures yes.
He was very straightforward and easy to paint, otherwise I wouldn't have finished him yet :-(.

I can only hope to finish Araka by the end of this week, as he's a large figure and I'm having another hectic week.
Thank you for reading!


  1. Nice! That's a bugger on the tourney getting cancelled!

    1. Yes it is, I was really looking forward to it. Meeting new players and tactics.
      But I console myself with the idea I will have a lot more experience when they hopefully try again to organise one in the future.
      I Always felt it came a bit too soon for me anyway.
      Still, it is a shame.

  2. Shame about the tourney. That's a nice looking mini though!

    1. Thanks Christian! And yes, like I mentioned above, it really is a shame.
      But preparing for it made me build and paint a functional group. So it isn't all bad. Everything I paint now will only give me more options.