Saturday 15 June 2019

World of Twilight Legends and getting some more boring stuff done

Hello everyone,

These past few weeks I had very little time to do some painting as my wife was using my usual painting spot to do some studying for an exam.
Instead I focussed on getting something I've been putting off for a long time done: terrain!
While I love building terrain, painting can be a bit boring sometimes and though I wasn't happy with my dark reddish rocks colourscheme I kept it because I didn't want to spend more time on them.
Anyway, I took out my (cheap) airbrush and gave them a new coat, as well as some more scatter terrain and palmtrees for burning sands.
Here's the result, not special but it suits my needs. I might add an oasis and other smaller terrain pieces later but I've got enough to fill a 2' x 2' table for now.

The Egyptian style ruins are from a company called Scibor and are perfect for 15mm in my opinion. I could have done a far better job painting them, but the truth is they probably are only going to be used as objective markers or spawning points for scarab swarms and I think they look good enough after a drybrush. 

With another 'after the Kickstarter painting competition' currently going on and me starting late, I painted models at every free moment I got. 
They're certainly not my best work, a bit rushed even, and I'm probably not going to be able to finish the diorama I had planned.
One thing I had to do was convert the base sizes as World of Twilight has standarized bases. So small (30mm) bacame 20mm, Medium (40mm) became 25mm and so on.

My converted Devanu Matriarch

The (unfinished) tower, still waiting for some occupants.

In case you're wondering, the stripes on this fella's pants are irregular on purpose :D, I thought it would look better and be more appropriate this way. I also added some bits on him with greenstuff so he looks closer to his 25mm counterpart.

That's it for this time, thanks for reading!



  1. These are lovely pieces. I especially liked the scarab beetles on the terrain items.

    1. Thank you for the comment Michael.
      I also really like these resin pieces, they're great as objectives and such.

  2. One of the guys from my club (Vivek Chandra, who runs Knights of Dice) seems to be into this game as well. It is lovely seeing some less aggressive miniatures + softer tones etc - a really nice change. When I look at them I think of the Dark Crystal movie for some reason. Is the game system any good?

    1. 😊 Many people think about the Dark Crystal when they see the game and it's that what attracties me to the game as well. The creator is a superfriendly guy who started the game all by himself (including learning himself how to sculpt).
      There are also a lot of civilian models and beasts among the range, which are often used for dioramas, part of terrain or scenario pieces. Models like these make the world a lot more sensible and believable.

      It is one of the few games I know where the rules system actually fits the world. You cast stones for combat resolutions which gives it a bit of a primal vibe.
      It is also non-linear, where you draw tokens from a bag to decide who's turn it is. Only one character can be activated but commander models can activate a number of other models, so tactical maneuvering is key to winning.

      Shame I'm not in the right city 😁, it's hard to find opponents for the game as it has a rather small fanbase a (most of them in the UK) and I've really liked the game for quite a couple of years now.

  3. Lovely work all over. I'm in love with the tower; I'd love to see a 28mm version, but I know that's quite a deal, hehe.
    I love your take on these minis, I hope you have the chance to get a game!

    1. Cheers!
      You can try and ask Mike about it, though I guess it would be too large to do in resin. A lot of the scratchbuild WoT terrain I saw was based on different kind of tins, so I guess it shouldn't be too hard to put together in 28mm.
      Militia next so I can get some games in, ... Or should I finish my hunter sculpt first so we can start with scenario 0 🤔.

  4. Terrain can be boring but in the end it makes the painted minis look so so much better. :) The work you've done on the pieces on display above is great. Layering of more than one hue and making sure all the details are worked on makes for an excellent mini. I agree with Suber. It's indeed lovely work.

    1. Thank you very much Kuan, appreciate the comment.
      And I agree, terrain makes the whole thing more visual. It's also often called the 3th player for a reason so it deserves a bit of effort.

  5. If you can paint even better than this, consider yourself to be a very gifted person. I love it all. Your desert colour palette on the minis and the terrain is superb!

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      I don't think I'm gifted really. It's more like a cumulation of years of practice, trying new techniques and a bit of patience.