Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year

Right, I know I've been absent for a while.
Many excuses and reasons can be given (work, sickness, ...), but in the end I just didn't feel like posting.
It's not I've been completely idle though, a few games were played and miniatures painted, but a far cry from the progress I made for Bushido in May and June.
One of the things I like to do this year is to start posting again.

We have a plan to paint more. The idea is to play a lot of small campaigns which will challenge us to get a bit more painted before each game.
On top of this we plan to start with Bolt Action, expanding our forces a bit each month and painting the expansion in the same month as well, so we can play a campaign at the start of 2017.
I'm not really into historical games, but since a friend picked up the book at Crisis and he really wants to start with the game I'm willing to give it a try.

Here's a few things I have done at the end of 2015.
Most of it was speed painted because of a lack of time, but still acceptable in my opinion:

Pulp City:
A game I picked up in October and one where I recently backed a KS from.
The game is very interesting as there is a lot of interaction with the scenery, stuff to destroy or throw with. I really want to play a small campaign of this game, ... if only my starter sets and rulebook would arrive.


When I received my KS award and the Indiegogo mat, I couldn't resist to start painting these.
The miniatures are gorgeous and the rules refreshing.
At Crisis I played a demo game with a friend and must admit it was a blast.
Some of my friends even got a team of their own. I really look forward to start a season and expand my team in the near future.

It is a game I have for more than 5 years and haven't done anything with. Recently I viewed a lot of Ouchies batreps on YouTube and the game started itching.
Recently I played a first game with my brother and we both liked it a lot. Though it was the Green training scenario from, with only the basic rules, we look forward to play with the rules in the Introduction book.
the plastic miniatures in the box aren't great quality, so I didn't take a lot of time preparing or even resculpting. But I hope they look just good enough on the tabletop to motivate us to play.
As I liked the red (Kurita) vs green (Davion) setup of the Sword and Dragon campaign I went with these. The idea is to get enough painted to play both the scenarios from the introduction rulebook as the aforementioned campaign.

A few more games were played like Infernal (beta-rules from the KS), X-Wing and Bushido.
One game gets a honorable mention as we took pictures of it though, this was our first Heavy Gear game (it were actually two games as we switched sides after the first round).
The CEF got pummeled in both games, but it was clear my friend is the better tactician as he destroyed them all without suffering a single casualty in return and scoring the most VP.
The Hun and superior numbers of the South were a big problem for the hover tanks, even though they get two actions a piece. The single frame as also no more than an extra target and had no impact in either game.
Both the medium autocannon and bazooka were absolutely killers.

Game One:
I'm playing South, my friend Bram plays CEF.
First movement

The CEF try to score some VP

My oldest son is watching as I shoot down a hover tank


Game Two:
I'm playing CEF, my friend Bram plays South.
setup, my friend fans out his troops more to get the objectives faster and to deny the CEF some VP
We forgot to take some more pictures after this one. What follows is that my hover tanks approach from the right, while my frame tries to take the objective closest to him in the middle of the table.
The frame is gunned down first, by combined arms fire from the J├Ągers.
With the Hun resolutely hunting down the hover tanks, it was all over after turn three, two turns faster compared to me playing South.

That's about it for last year. I still have to get behind my painting desk in 2016, but I hope to get some time to paint some more soon.
Tapper for Guildball, some more mechs and minions for Pulp City, as well as my recently started Frostgrave group are high on my list.
Thank you for reading and best wishes to you all!





Friday, 28 August 2015

A birthday gift


For my birthday last Tuesday, my wife decided to give me a decent macro camera lens for the camera she actually owns.
Well, it is her hobby as the only pictures I usually take are ones from my miniatures.

With a little bit of free time I decided to test the lens out on some older (apart from ones from Bushido, which I took to see the difference between these and the ones I took with my phone) miniatures of mine.
These were painted back in the day when I had no kids yet and a lot of time (less responsibilities too, both at work and at home).
The pictures were taken using natural daylight, so they ended up a bit dark.

First up is Anima Tactics, a game we used to play a lot and I have a lot of, both painted and unpainted, miniatures for.

Next the ones from Bushido, old and new.
A bit dark, but with sharper details. I should take out my lightbox though.

 Freebooter's Fate next:

And Malifaux, ...
Both Malifaux and the following pictures were painted at what I still consider the peak of my painting skill.

Relic Knights, a Noh berserker I used to play with colours on.
This is a metal with resin miniature which was available long before they released their Kickstarter.

 And just to see how far I could go, a 15mm miniature for my sci-fi SCS army:

Funny enough, it looks a bit like a trip through time.
It's not I haven't anything new to show, but it is still WIP.
All I can see is I took a little break from assembling tanks and gears.
Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Seeking shelter


I haven't been doing a lot of painting the past week.
The major reason being a serieus lack of concentration due to sleep deprivation.
Recently both my youngest and middle son have developed the habit to wake up at night, waking me and my wife. This in combination with the mosquitoes buzzing around my head at night results in a permanent headache during daytime hours.

It is not I haven't done a thing though.
Miniatures is fine, but I also need some terrain on the table.
Cleaning and gluing stuff together isn't the hardest thing, and soon I had some domes from Ion Age and barracks from GzG on 80mm bases, ready for an undercoat.

So here's the result of a whole week of labour ;).

Now I only need to paint them.

Thank you for reading!


Monday, 10 August 2015

Taking the lead

At last I finished my 50TV for my Southern force.
It took me a bit longer than expected because I was a few days away for work, celebrated our wedding anniversary and my wife's birthday, all in one week ;-).
Well, 50TV down, up to the next wave.
I actually have next 50TV planned already and assembled most of my CEF.
As my friend and regular opponent really want to start using his Black Talons, my south will be on hold for a little while.
The idea is to first learn the basic rules (without most of the EW rules) with my South and CEF and then learn the EW rules with EW (ECM, ECCM, TD, ...) heavy troops, something the Black Talons excel at with their owls.

The commander is actually a Christmas exclusive on a base I ripped from a Warrior IV chieftain from the PRDF.
As it is part of a destroyed hun, the commander looks a bit as if wants revenge for the destruction of his material :-).
 Group shot:
Some more hover tanks next time.
Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Back and forth

When I started painting my South, I realized my CEF force was badly build.
The hovertanks could easily dispatch anything the South was fielding, making the Anti-tank Frame unnessecary.
But having a recon frame could really provide an edge with his target designator.
True, the hovertanks could do this themselves as well. But by adding the recon frame, they could launch their missiles at the target from a safe distance. I hope the frame's ANN (Advance Neural Network), which can boost a skill once each turn. If I use this for defence, it will surely enhance his survivability.
I also added a jetpack for easier maneuvering to get him where I want.

After sending a lot of mails to Dave, one of the creators of the new rules, I actually attached the wrong weapons to my frames. This mistake was made because some weapons, which were there in the previous edition of the rules) disappeared and new ones popped up in the Beta version.
The recon frame is fitted with the weapon which was the light laser cannon option in the old rules, This is now the particle accelerator. And the weapon I attached to my anti-tank frame was the former sniper laser cannon, which is now gone in the new rules.
Sniper laser cannon gone, new light particle accelerator instead, so it seemed logical the weapon just got another name. It seemed this assumption was wrong, ...
The sniper laser cannon was the standard weapon in the old rules, the light laser cannon is the standard weapon in the new.
Anyway, it is easy to see what each frame represents by looking at the rocket pack (now a anti-tank missile, ... Yes the CEF were hit pretty hard when it came to changes between the two rule-sets) and target designator.
Here's my two frames side by side.
Thank you for reading!