Saturday, 9 May 2015

Another mindless Kairai

I managed to finish another Kairai.
At this rate I will never get to paint everything I want though, so I need to select the mini's I really want to play with, which means I really need to start thinking about a competitive list for the tournament.

To make things worse, I just got a box with a lot of World of twilight goodies (part of my pledge and some Salute sale additions) and Rudders also offered to pick up some Rident for me. So it becomes hard to focus. Time to reward myself for finishing two Kairai ;-).

I wanted a more worn effect on the edge of the bases, instead of the usual black. So I dibbed a sponge on the black paint while it was still wet, showing a bit of the basecoat.

Thank you for reading!



  1. Looking good!

    At the Bunkermitzu tournament, the one I run each year, I last used a horde of kairai led by Kato to keep them risen haha... proved very effective too as my force wouldn't die and I could grind out the smaller warbands I faced and get the scenario points.

    I used kato, Araka, tadao, 2 militia, 2 farmers and 1 or 2 armoured kairai. Its not an optimal zombie build but they are my favourite part of the cult for sure

  2. :-) The kairai are what got me buying the starter set in the first place and I very much like the idea of a horde of them. Only, many on the Bushido forum state it isn't such a good idea. Perhaps I should give it a shot anyway. I read Gengo is quite effective with a kairai group. Thank you for the reply!

    1. Gengo and shichiro are good for a kairai based force... Gengo gets them moving quicker and shichiro provides some extra kii when injured by a conspiracy of the cult action.

      If you kill him when he is within 3 inches for kato you can raise him as another zombie too!

      The full kairai horde suffers from being slow, but the next round of special cards will fix it as there is a grave that you can place within 12 inches of your board edge and deploy kairai of 5pts or less in base to base with it.

      Also, there are new themed lists coming, one of the cults is a kairai force that gives you a free 5pt zombie haha

  3. Ouh, sounds good. Shame it wouldn't be in time for the tournament (I expect Gencon?).
    Gengo and Shichiro, check ;-).

  4. Sadly not, these are a few months away yet