Sunday 31 May 2015

Eater of the dead

Believe it or not, but in the little spare time I had today (an hour or two while the youngest was sleeping) I finished my Gaki.
Not the best paintjob I have ever done, but he will have to do, like many other Bushido miniatures I painted recently.

Now that he is finished, I can focus on the Tadao and Shichiro as the first miniatures for my challenge and the first 50 rice.
After that, Gengo, Araka and my Wraith are also waiting to see a lick of paint, especially as my list for the tournament isn't finished yet.

I really have to thank Sam and Richard for giving me a lot of advice and tips! Without them my list would perhaps look a bit different and probably be a lot less competitive.
So: "Thank you very much!"

Thanks a lot for reading!



  1. Nice! Not a prob mate, happy to help and chat bushido anytime!

    Met up with Sam today at the games expo as it happens too haha

  2. I need some of these minis for other nefarious plans haha, why'd me and Chris make this challenge up?! Figure looks brilliant man!

    1. :-) Thanks!
      I can imagine you see a lot of miniatures painted by people who take on the challenge and can't stop yourself from thinking: 'I want that too'
      I know I would ;-)
      The gaki is indeed great as a ghoul or even a zombie for many other games as it doesn't have this eastern style look.