Thursday 7 May 2015

The shambling horde

A new project?
Why? You should be finishing your World of Twilight.
Very true, but let me explain, ...

About a week ago I suddenly received a message on the Bushido forums, a site I hadn't visited for years. The massage was an invitation for 'the Yamato Spirit', a Bushido tournament in Leuven (which isn't so far from where I live).
Impulsive as I am, I asked my friend and regular opponent if he wanted to compete, well aware he had shown interest in the game before. So his answer was predictable: "Yes of course!".

My choice of faction was a no-brainer as I already had a starter and some other miniatures stored away in a box somewhere. It took me a while to find them though, as they hadn't seen the light of day in about two years.
They have been neglected for a while, so I hope they don't give me some bad luck :).
A few years ago, when our group showed some interest in Malifaux, I bought the Cult of Yurei starter box as part of a Kirai group I liked to collect. The Japanese zombies (aka Kairai) of the Cult looked perfect for a eastern themed undead force. Malifaux never got further than a spark though, and I sold of most of my miniatures for the game. The Cult ending up in a box, ready to be put on Ebay whenever I felt the need or liked to.

Truth to be told, I don't know how I will fare with them, as it feels a bit like I'm in the wrong corner again.
For some reason I always find myself picking the sneaky tactical forces (Cryx, Goblins for Freebooter's Fate, Skaven for Mordheim, Orcs and Venrier in Wolsung), while I'm actually a very straigthforward no-nonsense type of player. So savage Wave would have suited me better.
But on the other hand, the Cult has (very arguably) the best looking girls around (I hope my wife doesn't read this) :D and participating is more important than winning (spoken like a loser).

Heres's my first Kairai, and my favourite as well. I like the grinning mask and the way she drags a hammer along which is far too heavy for her frail body.
I stepped away from the usual rotting flesh skin colour and went for a more sinister dark grey colour instead.
Not my best paintjob, but I have very little time and far too many miniatures to finish, so she will have to do.

Thank you for reading!




  1. Looking good!

    Would you believe me if I said that savage wave were the most tactical and hard to use faction in the game hehe?

  2. Seems I still have a lot to learn :).
    They look very straightforward with their hulking oni and large numbers of bakemono.
    Maybe my choice of faction wasn't so bad after all ;). I also have a Wraith and Taka and both seem to match my playstyle rather well.
    But while they swallow up a whopping 20 rice, I still have 30 rice to spend. Suggestions?
    According to many players on the forums, Nezumi is a must. So I have picked him up already, just waiting for him to arrive.

    Thanks for the feedback!