Saturday 30 May 2015

The orphan of Yurei

A quick update as I have to babysit my three boys today :).

I actually finished the pair this week, but I was unable to post them before.
They were painted rather fast, 4 hours for two models is a new record for me.
But as Wrath was very straigthforward to do, using only one base colour, I could concentrate on Taka.

Taka is a bit scary, there is something about her which startles me.
Perhaps reminding me of some  Japanese horror movies I saw in the past.
The fact I recently received my acquired the first edition of Little Fears (, a horror RPG where you play as little children, also didn't help.

For the ones who don't know little Fears, let me explain.
I don't mind playing RPG's where the characters are children, like Grimm ( and Little Fears second edition, the last being a bit of a survival horror game where children fight of the monsters under their beds and in their closets. As my players no doubt can confirm, I'm also a big fan of psychological horror and thriller RPG's, bringing my players despair is what I like to do best ;).
Little Fears, the 1st edition was rumoured to be used by psychiatrists to help children with Trauma's, so I really wanted to check it out.
There is something about the world described in the book that doesn't sit right with me, it is almost as if it gives child molesters and pedophiles a reason to misbehave.
As a father of three children I have struggled to keep on reading.
The writer describes in his afterword how he plunged in to deep, seeing photos and reading articles he will likely never forget, and the game became almost uplayable. You can feel that when reading the pages, ...

Now, for something lighter, I just need to finish my gaki this weekend.
Tadao and Shichiro are undercoated on my desk for this week, and I sincerely hope to finish them before Friday so I can field 50rice

The demo Yesterday was big fun, me and my friend learned a lot.
Both in tactics and rules we played wrong the first time.
I played a three man strong Temple of Ro Kan force (Kenko, Yumi and a rice farmer) and was amazed with how versatile they are. They can easily switch between offence or defence, just by spending a few ki.
I lost against a Ito force though, mostly because of bad die rolls (a 1 on defence three times in a row) on a critical moment, but had a lot of fun and that's what counts.

Thank you for reading!




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