Friday 15 May 2015

Geisha in distress

I managed to finish Ikiryo today, which was my reward for finishing the first two kairai :-).

Choosing a scheme for her kimono was fun all on it's own!
Painting it, while trying to do a quick job a challenge.

I decided not to give her a white powdered face, which is a bit the trademark of a geisha, as it would make her look too much like a kairai.
For the skin I wanted a more sickly colour as to show the influence of Yurei on her, finished of with yellow eyes without a pupil.
While taking a few pictures I learned a new trick, deflecting the light makes the colours brighter on the photo!
The first picture was my inspiration for the kimono.

I hope you like her.

And a picture with her umbrella, which casts a bit of a shadow over her. Because of this the photo turned out darker.

I have one other kairai almost finished, which I hope to finish this weekend.
Meaning I need to do my armoured kairai and Kato before next Friday :-\.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks, it was very fun to do.
    The temptation to make it more elaborate was almost unbearable :-), but the sight of all my unfinished miniatures made me settle for something simpler. I still think it looks good though.

  2. The umbrella is very cool. What is it made out of?

  3. It's part of the miniature (white metal), so no glory for me there ;-).

    1. It looks good. I thought maybe it was acrylic. Either the paint (or maybe the lighting) make it look like it's a thin material 'lit up' from above. Nicely done.

    2. Thanks! I guess the effect is created by the satin varnish coat I applied, which diverts the light a bit.

  4. Thank you Christian, I'm pretty pleased with the result myself too :-).

  5. Beautiful paintwork sir! I'll be honest, paint samurai era scares the bejesus out of me!

    1. Thank you! I find it especially hard to get the asian skintone right.
      The rest isn't so different, apart from the beautiful embroided clothing that is.