Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A little trip to Terra Nova

 These last few days, the temperature outside and in my painting corner rose to the point painting was getting difficult (40°C), as the paint dried out far too quickly.
So I decided to take a small break from painting my samurai house to building some miniatures.
Perfect to do with this hot weather as the glue even dries a lot faster.

Last time I had already shown my Southern Silver Vipers in progress.
They still needed a leader and a support unit, and most of all: an enemy to fight against.
The Northern hunters have a bit of a sad story actually.
They are from a number of different boxes and blisters: Some leftovers from Wayland, part of the Blitz two-player starter set, a Gen-Con exclusive miniature I couldn't resist when ordering online from the DP9 store, a Hunter XMG from Arena.

When I finally made my mind up of which North force I wanted to collect, they were suddenly not welcome anymore as the Cat's Paws aren't allowed to field them.

So they ended up in my bits box.

A bit of a shame actually, they are the most versatile chassis in Heavy Gear and at a low price cost. Even compared to their Southern counterparts they have a lot better options to choose from (like the snub cannon and medium bazooka).

Which is why they ended up in a box marked 'Leagueless', a box for unwanted miniatures I couldn't field otherwise.

 With the release of the Beta rules they finally seem to have found a home in the PRDF as a subunit, where their versatility will only strengthen the PRDF force.

The idea for a PRDF force has actually grown from the plans I had with my Leagueless.
While playing Valkyria Chronicles I knew I wanted to do a force in the Gallian colours.
However, the Leagueless are too much of a bandit group, and I wanted something more organized.
So the idea for a rebel Southern faction, which was originally sponsored by the North to harass their Southern enemy, which fled to the badlands when the two large nations came to a peace solution took root. So much I see them as my second faction now instead of my Cat's Paws :).

I definitely am going to add some more older Northern chassis like the bear, giving me the opportunity to field them as either a Northern or PRDF force. After all, when the plastic figures from the KS finally arrive I will get a lot more hunters searching for a home.


As you can see I already undercoated some of them, these will be paint try-outs and my starter force (except for the Chieftain IV).
I took the liberty to switch some of the legs, arms and torso's with those of some Para-trooper hunters I had laying around, to create two MP hunters and two Assault hunters.
The infantry are some sandriders I had from long ago, probably bought them in an impulsive mood.
Some of them still need some cleaning up with a bit of putty after I had cut their arms apart in order to get more different poses.
All of my bases are 40mm so far, I just hate the overhanging feet and it also gives them a bit of unity.
That's it for now, hopefully I can show a fully painted house the next time!
Thank you for reading,


  1. Nice work Wouter! Hoping the temperature subsides some for you to get back to painting on canvas soon.

  2. Hey Brandon, thank you.
    It started raining again, typical for Belgium ;), so the temperature has dropped :).