Friday, 3 July 2015

Running late

I know this post is way overdue, the reason ...
Well I miscalculated my next project as it takes far more time to complete than I estimated.
Another factor is the hot weather over here (it's 34°C), meaning I spend a lot more time with my children.
They are often in the swimming pool to cool down and as a responsable parent I can't let them drown :).

So, while I don't like posting WIP, I have very little choice this time.
The project started with the idea to build some terrain for Bushido, I also have a shrine and cherry trees to do after this samurai house.
While I still have to finish a few Bushido miniatures, my wandering mind needed something fresh to get a focus again.

I'm also building some more Heavy Gear mini's while the glue on the building is drying.
When DP9 released the Heavy Gear Alpha rules, I really wanted to participate and test the rules out, give some feedback.
But the project stranded, ... like so many others.
The Silver Vipers I started are still missing some parts, but I plan to finish these after my Bushido adventure.
And finally play some games with the Beta rules.

Thank you for reading!



  1. Heavy gear never took of here, some of the guys tried the arena thing but didn't get on with it.

    I always liked the NuCoal stuff tho!

  2. The game is very military orientated and rather serious, which is something I needed adjusting to.
    On top of that you have to import it from Canada, making it very expensive to get into.
    So I can totally see why it didn't take off.
    I hope the plastic starter set will change that though as I like the look of both artwork and models.
    And yeah, the Nucoal faction has some very, very cool models :).

  3. Heavy gear pricey has been tough, but I think their kickstarter will pull prices down with the plastics. Shipping totally sucks up here though.
    The rules are a bit....intimidating as well. It will be interesting to see what happens with their next edition.
    Very nice basing on the gears. Is the temple a kit, or a scratch build? Looking promising and impressive regardless...

    1. Thanks Daveb!
      The building is a kit from Sarissa precision.
      While I like scratchbuilding terrain, I haven't done so since my bachelor days :). Too much chaos, rubbish and very time-consuming as well ;).
      The only downside is the scale, as most of these kits (and I have a few) are more orientated towards 28mm instead of the more common 32-35mm.

      About Heavy Gear, I find their beta rules easier to get into. With EW, sensors, Target Designation, ... it is comparable to Infinity when it comes to special rules. I have to agree on all other points unfortunately. Though I was lucky to grab a lot with a huge discount from Wayland about half a year back.