Friday, 24 July 2015

Getting some light support

As I had some days off this week, I actually managed to get quite some painting done, despite the fact I had to babysit a lot :).

I started with adding arms to my unfinished Southern Gears, so I have something to play with in the near future. They just need a leader now, which is on my painting table.
Unfortunately I made some mistakes while positioning the arms. Some are holding their guns by the barrels now, which just looks stupid.
I guess I didn't assemble enough Space marines with two hands holding the bolter during my 40k period, ...

The j├Ągers are very cheap gears (the black mamba isn't part of the squad anymore), so I could add 5 of them and still have points left (from the 50TV) for some support 
When we are going to get serious in the future, they will be even cheaper as they become conscripts. Which means I can add in a very expensive second unit or three cheap ones for 100TV.
The hun I painted up will provide some long range back up.
With its smoke, amphibious and off-road traits it is also remarkable fast and versatile.
On the missile pod I painted the squadron it's logo, which is also on the helmets of the gears (but very small and hard to see).
I'm still not sure if I will put it on a base or not in the future. Perhaps to tie them all together as a force and define it's arcs.

Thank you for reading!



  1. You see, I would not stop wanting to play this game if I had people here to play it... that stuff looks fracking awesome!

    1. I agree, the miniatures look awesome and are what got me into the game. The rules are way better compared to the last edition and offer a lot of freedom what you can include when building units.
      The only thing I don't get is why they still insist on putting the miniatures on bases which are too small for them (something I hate and as such I have put mine on 40mm bases).

      If you like to get in the game, I believe there is a last opportunity for non-KS-backers to get the starter box:
      The box actually contains 3 (4 if you count Caprice as seperate of the CEF) different factions. Enough to get a small group of people into the game. As they are plastic miniatures, the number of poses is limited but assembly will be super-easy.
      On the DP9 website you can find a link to the free-living rulebook-download.

      ( for more information)

    3. Oooh.. Interesting! Need to see if I can scrounge up some funds!


  2. You see, I would not stop wanting to play this game if I had people here to play it... that stuff looks fracking awesome!

  3. Looks very sharp. I do think the larger bases work well. I think the small bases are a throwback to the hex system the game used to run on. I have some gaming buddies who still play on 1inch hexes, and use a strange hybrid of the beat rules/current rules/old rules.

    1. Yeah, they indeed used to be and still are based on hexes. They made some changes for the bigger models and infantry in the new rules though. So why not use the opportunity of having a new ruleset to have them all based properly. It would be easy to rule range is always measured from the hull or torso instead of the base.
      I think they are the only miniature company in the whole world which describes a base, which is too small for the miniature, as the standard size.

      This may sound very negative, but it is just a little point of critique for an otherwise great set of rules.