Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Back and forth

When I started painting my South, I realized my CEF force was badly build.
The hovertanks could easily dispatch anything the South was fielding, making the Anti-tank Frame unnessecary.
But having a recon frame could really provide an edge with his target designator.
True, the hovertanks could do this themselves as well. But by adding the recon frame, they could launch their missiles at the target from a safe distance. I hope the frame's ANN (Advance Neural Network), which can boost a skill once each turn. If I use this for defence, it will surely enhance his survivability.
I also added a jetpack for easier maneuvering to get him where I want.

After sending a lot of mails to Dave, one of the creators of the new rules, I actually attached the wrong weapons to my frames. This mistake was made because some weapons, which were there in the previous edition of the rules) disappeared and new ones popped up in the Beta version.
The recon frame is fitted with the weapon which was the light laser cannon option in the old rules, This is now the particle accelerator. And the weapon I attached to my anti-tank frame was the former sniper laser cannon, which is now gone in the new rules.
Sniper laser cannon gone, new light particle accelerator instead, so it seemed logical the weapon just got another name. It seemed this assumption was wrong, ...
The sniper laser cannon was the standard weapon in the old rules, the light laser cannon is the standard weapon in the new.
Anyway, it is easy to see what each frame represents by looking at the rocket pack (now a anti-tank missile, ... Yes the CEF were hit pretty hard when it came to changes between the two rule-sets) and target designator.
Here's my two frames side by side.
Thank you for reading!




  1. Great basing. I'm totally out to sea on what to equip any gears with. So many options, and it's a bit fiddly to magnetize with such thin weapons.

    1. I guess it won't matter when playing with friends, the 'Counts as' rule can be really handy if you want to try things out.
      Personally, I like to plan ahead, make combinations on paper and assemble my gears according to the list. If I find something lacking or out of place, the gear is easily replaced. Of course, I could end up with some 'unwanted' gears.

  2. Nice looking minis and great work on your bases!

    1. Thanks! The bases are actually bought resin ones. So apart from painting them, I have little honour to get from them.