Monday, 20 July 2015

The war for Terra Nova

Late again, ...
But this time I have a good excuse, as I have spend little time on my pc or phone apart from work related stuff. The reason: I have been painting fanatically to get some miniatures which were sitting on my desk for about a year.
Two of them had nothing but a basecoat, but the third was nearly finished.
Unfortunately I had forgotten which colours I used on him so I had to start again from scratch.
Because of that you can clearly see some difference between them.

I had told about my rising interest in Heavy Gear.
The hunters, I showed in my previous post, are neatly stowed away as I need an airbrush to finish them.
A post by Brandon Faro actually pointed me in the right direction for how to do the colour scheme I wanted (
Which leaves me my CEF and South to get me playing as soon as possible.
I know my friend has some Black Talons, but as these are a highly elite group they are not really suitable for learning the mechanics.

What I mean to do is finish 50TV and build up from there.
50TV will get me one combat group and fits nicely in what I already have almost finished so far.
I also tried to create two completely different groups: Small and fast for the CEF, A large group but vulnerable for the South.

Here's the work I got done this week.

The frame was fitted with a rocket pack as this was still possible under the Blitz rules.
Both the rocket pack and sniper laser are now gone, so I treat the laser as a Particle Accelerator and the RP as anti-tank missiles.

All of them are fitted on urban bases, as I wanted to give the impression as if they are flying over/standing on a destroyed Terra Nova city or town.
As the CEF are the main antagonists in Heavy Gear, I went for a combination of greys.
Mainly to enhance the fact they are a highly effective military machine. But also because I wanted them to look a bit dull, while still visually pleasing.
I think they turned out rather well.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like them.



  1. I always enjoyed the Heavy Gear Line! I just wish people played it here. Very nice looking paint scheme, look forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks! It is barely played here as well.
    The shipping, combined with the fact the miniatures aren't cheap either is just killing it.
    But I hope the upcoming plastic starter set, likely to get to distributers worldwide, will change that.

  3. Great work. I have some CEF figs myself long untouched. Looking for paint colour inspiration. Hilariously, I just linked the exact same article (digital camo) in a facebook discussion a couple week ago. It really is a great resource.

  4. Thank you devab. Strange enough these miniatures were very fun to paint, so I have no idea why I quit painting them when I did. The Grel infantry isn't something I look forward to paint though.
    As for the article, it is rare to see such good tutorials.
    And is indeed an amazing resource.